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"Through the Flower is a non-profit Feminist art organization founded by Judy Chicago in 1978. Our mission is to educate a broad public about the importance of art and its power in countering the erasure of women's achievements."


* Enlightenment in the Nowness of Now *

sexta feira 28, pelas 23h

no Barcode (Rua do Anjo, Braga), com a exposição Enlightenment in the Nowness of Now de

helena carneiro



Dear fellow citizens
Dear fellow occupants
Dears sisters in brave
And dear comrades in arms
We might overcome
That unbalanced life
That goes without saying
Attempted to follow - yes sir - a straight line.
My share of the blame
I've got to say I deserve
I believed in their lies
I believed in their lies
When all of the beauty just seems to be wrong
Then all of their words seem to belong
To their everyday prozac, their everyday lies
That they're everyday bangin' in my day-to-day mind

And the music turns minor
And we buy prepacked needs
And black condoms for our pleasure
For their »pleasure strategies«
And we all are invited
To their big bingo show
And we dance to their music
From all to well-known
And we raise up our hands
And we take this for real
But we should not agree to their predicted deal.

We live in their bulletproof-single-apartments
While planning family-trees.
And talk about taking action
While wearing their Diesel-Jeans.
We don't sweat we shit perfume.
We're not ugly, We're a delight.
Kept in uniforms And shopping-malls
We are prerendered dolls
Educated for their system
Cultivated, liberalized
And readymade
And Hollywood-movie-sized

And we all are invited
To their big bingo show
And we dance to their music
From all to well-known
And we raise up our hands
And we take this for real
But we should not agree to their predicted deal

We shall overcome one day
And beat their monitoring arms,
And spray graffitis on their walls
To let them know that we're no longer their obedient toys
We shall overcome one day
Deep in my heart, I do believe
That we can defeat
This mess that we've bought - so far.

They won the people's choice award
Declared the speechwriter's pen,
But we have never really have been asked
To put a cross beside their names
But we all are invited
To their big bingo shows
And we dance to their music
From all to well-known.
And we raise up our hands
And we take this for real
But we should not agree to their predicted deal,

We shall overcome one day
And beat their monitoring arms
And spray graffitis on their walls
To let them know that we're no longer their obedient toys
We shall overcome one day!
And dear fellow citizens
And dear fellow occupants
And dear sisters in brave
And dear comrades in arms:
We shall overcome!
Shall overcome one day
Deep in my heart, I do believe
That we can defeat
This mess that we've bought
So far.

So far.

da austriaca Gustav..."we shall overcome" do Album: Rettet Die Wale
O joão começou 2007 com esta musica, eu gostaria de o terminar, porque não me sai da cabeça :-) e que fiquei a conhecer através do girl monster album chicks on speed 2006, presente de um outro joão :-)


Donna Haraway

you knew Donna Haraway was into dogs, right? So here is a piece of a conference 8 years ago where she talks about that exactly...
"http://www.egs.edu/ Donna Haraway speaking about the birth of the kennel, cyborgs, dogs and companion species, humans, machines, computer, organisms, technoscience, genetics, nature, culture, consciousness, philosophy, emergent ontologies, social relationships, societies, michel foucault, figure, reference, cyborg manifesto, and socialist feminism. Free public open video lecture for the students and faculty of the European Graduate School EGS, Media and Communication Studies department program, Saas-Fee, Switzerland, Europe, 2000. Donna Haraway."
This egsvideo (european graduate school) webcharacter has very nice talks online by: Zizek, Hardt, Derrida, Butler, etc. Check it out... as I will continue Donna's speach... enjoy



¿Género? - Un proyecto de Espacio Abisal

Leticia Orue coordina este proyecto que tiene como objetivo reflexionar sobre el género. Se propone realizar un trabajo colectivo y divertido, compuesto por reflexiones y aportaciones personales o grupales que permitan conocer y entender otras realidades. Con todas las aportaciones que se reciban se creará un fanzine.

¿Género? tendrá lugar en dos fases la primera del 27 al 29 de diciembre en espacio Abisal servirá para producir aportaciones in sitú.

Más información: www.espacioabisal.org
(enviado por Angelo)



"Welcome to the Feminist Art Base, the first online digital archive dedicated solely to feminist art. This ever-growing database offers profiles from the most prolific contributors to feminist art from the 1960s to the present. Each profile includes multiple images, video and audio clips, short biographies, CVs, and "Feminist Artist Statements." it is stated on the beginning of the page of Brooklyn Museum dedicated to Elizabeth A Sackler's feminist art database through a search box, a tag cloud or a alphabetic list, artists, scholars, curator's and the general public can find a world of feminist art. I hit femininity and then Orly Cogan - here is the image I picked - websites adresses, e-mail and images are then available...

well... happy searches


Mind the Gap

The women that policy forgot
Celia Hannon, Shawnee Keck,

How have thirty years of legislation, innumerable work based initiatives and training schemes failed the primary group of people who experience working poverty in Britain?

Policy countering gender discrimination has not gone far enough. Macro level approaches that established government departments and research taskforces represent an impressive start, but the next phase must look to the micro-level. Policy must start to address the day-to-day reality of young disadvantaged women. This includes appreciating how cultural, practical, and social issues join up to create significant barriers that severely hinder their economic mobility.

This report, commisioned by the YWCA, looks again at the nature of low pay and job segregation, but this time, it considers the local actors and micro level locations of responsibility. It delves deeper into who disadvantaged women are and the impact their different backgrounds and experiences might have on their employment prospects. It argues that we need a new set of policies focusing on the everyday exchanges in women’s working lives. ( PDF download for full text - below)


sent by Lígia Paz


orgulho hetero, branco, masculino...

aqui vai uma das imagens da campanha Tagus pelo colectivo activista Panteras Negras....

e como li onde retirei esta imagem
"Felizmente há muito mais cerveja para beber"

SUSANA CHIOCCA e mais na fábrica em Guimarães


"O arruinamento do espaço da Fábrica, as suas características formais e o seu estado de abandono, aludem a uma desconstrução que está em processo. Partindo da leitura desta situação construiu-se o trabalho em suspenso, aludindo também a um processo neste caso de construção, de uma acção que a dado momento se detém. O trabalho é ainda permeável a outras leituras, pela utilização e disposição dos diversos materiais no espaço: utilizam-se materiais de construção, como a água, a areia e o
cimento, que são também elementos da paisagem natural (a água, a terra) e elementos de paisagens urbanas (o cimento e a luz eléctrica), para criar uma imagem onde se alude – através do desenho projectado na parede e na instalação dos materiais no espaço - a uma paisagem que nos remete para uma viagem e nos transporta a um outro lugar que não deixa de ser familiar; o monte de areia que surge isolado pela água, remete-nos a um isolamento representativo de condicionamentos e condições contemporâneas, de relações de grupos ou do indivíduo."

Texto e imagens de Susana Chiocca, trabalho para o projecto A FABRICA - Laboratório das Artes Guimarães.

vejam também o trabalho da Paula Tavares, Gabriela Vaz Pinheiro, Vera Mota e Dalila Gonçalves (citando às AMIW) e todos os outros, claro está (Laboratório das Artes, para mais informação)

Paula Tavares

Sandra Gil

no Espaço Ilimitado - Núcleo de Difusão Cultural / 17 de Novembro > 22 de Dezembro 2007

Rua de Cedofeita, 187 - 1º, 4050-179 Porto

Sexta-feira e Sábado, das 16h00 às 19h00
Ou por marcação prévia


Há novidades no forum EFF

Newsletter of the European Feminist Forum
14th November 2007

This newsletter includes the latest articles and news from the website www.europeanfeministforum.org. The European Feminist Forum is committed to fostering an open and diverse dialogue among European feminists and to creating a space for feminists like you to come together, meet each other and bring about change in Europe. Major feminist networks in Central, Eastern and Western Europe envisioned and have organized this process. We invite you to take part in the European Feminist Forum by joining an Affinity Group, contributing to the discussion lists, and participating in our debates. The activities of the European Feminist Forum will culminate in an exciting and groundbreaking conference in Poland, on June 13-15, 2008, where a new European feminist agenda will be drawn up. Three main plenary themes of the Forum are:
1) Economic change in Europe: changes in the economy, the labour market, migration and feminist alternatives
2) Women’s physical and sexual integrity: women’s bodies, abortion and the politics of ending violence against women
3) Our movement: feminist resource mobilisation and building political power
The European Feminist Forum is your feminist space!





The 5th edition of Gender Bender has begun. Here are the appointments for
the second day, THURSDAY 1 NOVEMBER.

We would like to remind you that the complete programme is downloadable at

We would also like to remind to you pay particular attention to the
information regarding the sales of TICKETS and the GENDERBENDER CARD, also
on the website.

looking forward to seeing you

Gender Bender Festival 2007


Cinema Lumière
via Azzo Gardino 65/a
5.00 pm
free entry.


FSPACE 2 Performing Gender
at Trianon, Paris
October 31st - November 4th 2007



"Explodir em Silêncio Nunca Chega Ser Perturbador"

de Tânia Carvalho (dança)
Dia 27 de Outubro às 22h00 Balleteatro Auditório, Praça 9 de Abril, 76|PORTO
Entrada: 8€ |Info e Reservas: 225508918

Calcei estes sapatos. São do meu tamanho. São de pedra. São bonitos.Gosto deles. Mas... Quando quis mudar de sítio... Não consegui. Puxava, puxava... São de pedra. São bonitos. Quando não me esqueço de olhar para eles sinto-me bem. Mas olhei à volta... Apeteceu-me dar um passo em qualquer direcção. Os meus pés encaixam bem nestes sapatos tão
pesados e tão bonitos. São feitos à medida deles. Mas são tão pesados, e tão fixos. E eu? Eu faço parte dos meus pés. Mas sou mais, às vezes fico num repente irrequieta, uma vontade de andar quase irresistível faz-me debater, debalde. Um balde de água fria congela o meu movimento. Os sapatos são pesados demais. Sapatos de pedra. Sítio fixo. O sítio onde quero estar? Ou o sítio onde estou presa? Quero estar aqui? Quero ir para ali? Calcei estes sapatos. São de pedra. O raspar das minhas unhas não os desfazem, são gritos inaudíveis. Para quê? São meus, são de pedra e são bonitos. Patrícia Caldeira

Coreografia e Interpretação: Tânia Carvalho Livro: Patrícia Caldeira
Desenho de Luz: Mônica Coteriano Banda Sonora: Tânia Carvalho e Diogo
Alvim Figurinos: Aleksandar Protich Sapatos de Pedra: Xana Ferreira
Produção: Bomba SuicidaResidência artística: TanzWerkstatt Berlin
Apoios:Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional| Alkantara

"Exploding in Silence Never Becomes Disturbing" by Tânia Carvalho (Dance)
27th October22 pm - Balleteatro Auditório, Praça 9 de abril, 76|PORTO
Tickets: 8€ |Info: 225508918

This play is based in the written work of Patrícia Caldeira. Not as an illustrative play but with movements and situations that derive from it. Not following a narrative line, simply expressing the sensations that remain in the body after and during the reading process.
The stories created by the writer were developing during the creationprocess; therefore, there will be always a direct contact between writer and choreographer. A joint venture in which each of them will have a separate role. The title, "EXPLODING IN SILENCE NEVER
BECOMES DISTURBING", was suggested by the choreographer as the main theme to
befollowed by both, as this is an usual subject in both their work.
Their creative affinity is the reason why they want to create this play and
develop themselves as creators. Choreographer's insight: as in different plays, and as she wishes todevelop it in the present proposal: A great research of movements
that create both anxiety and contemplation. A movement filled with musicality, with non constant rithym but accentuated pace, a visible rithym, strange but clear. A body that
slides and get stuck.

Choreography and interpretation: Tânia CarvalhoBook: Patrícia Caldeira Ligth Design: Mônica Coteriano Soundtrack:Tânia Carvalho e Diogo Alvim Custum design: Aleksandar ProtichStone Shoes: Xana Ferreira Production: Bomba Suicida Co-production: Theatro Circo Artistic residency: TanzWerkstatt Berlin



Local: Forum Cultural de Ermesinde

Período de permanência: 21 de Setembro a 9 de Dezembro

Curadoria: Paulo Reis

Artistas: Ana Vidigal, Antía Moure, Catarina Campino, Courtney Smith, Cristina Ataíde, Eliane Duarte, Lenora de Barros, Karin Lambrecht e Sandra Cinto.

"Após a vitória dos deuses do Olimpo sobre os Titãs - os seis filhos de Urano -, foi solicitado a Zeus que se criassem divindades capazes de cantar a vitória e perpetuar a glória dos Olímpicos. Zeus então compartilhou durante nove noites o leito de Mnemósine, a deusa da memória, que, um ano mais tarde, daria à luz nove filhas – nove musas. Nascidas próximo ao monte Olimpo, as Musas passavam o seu tempo deleitando as divindades do Panteão, cantando o presente, o passado e o futuro, acompanhadas pela lira de Apolo. As Musas representam, sobretudo, a memória – lugar da experiência vivida.

É precisamente sobre a memória que versa a exposição Musas. Esta não é nada mais que um exercício curatorial de tornar evidentes algumas obras que lidam com o tema de forma tão veemente. As obras escolhidas lidam com reflexões universais da existência humana, desde a abordagem ao ciclo vital (como o nascimento, a existência e a morte), a questões morais, ecológicas, sociais, femininas. Na medida em que cada artista transporta para as suas obras as suas próprias questões existenciais, estas exalam uma forte conotação pessoal, são pertencentes à colectividade."

ler o resto do texto do comissário aqui


Jukebody, de Cristiana Rocha

Dança Fora de Horas

26 de Outubro 2007

Ciclo de Dança e Novas Tecnologias

Teatro Aveirense

Rua Belém do Pará, Aveiro


Jukebody desenvolveu-se em 2004. É um projecto que se constrói a si próprio em cada apresentação, adquirindo configurações diversas de acordo com cada contexto de produção. A matéria do corpo em diálogo com um dispositivo cenográfico e tecnológico mais ou menos variável é a base a partir da qual se vai percorrendo um mapa desmontável, com múltiplas entradas e saídas para um mesmo lugar.



Miguel Bonneville #2
performance by Miguel Bonneville
performance de Miguel Bonneville

Supermarket of Art
(im)mortal love international biennial

Warsaw, Poland
Górskiego Street 9 & LETO Gallery, Hoża Street 9c
23rd of October

1 large carpet, 1 pair of scissors, many sticky tape rolls, 1 pair of All Star, 1 pair of leggings, 1 t-shirt, 1 plastic bag, 1 radio, 1 blonde wig

Conception and Performance - Miguel Bonneville



If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution is a rolling platform for performative practices in visual art. It's current, second edition entitled "Feminist Legacies and Potentials in Contemporary Art Practice" focuses on positions within contemporary art that are informed and inspired by the act and thinking emanating from femimism. So far three episodes have taken place; this fall the fourth and final part will be presented, developed in collaboration with the MuHKA and MuHKA_media in Antwerp, Huis en Festival a/d Werf in Utrecht and de Appel arts centre in Amsterdam. The programme includes an exhibition, a symposium, a performance programme, and a film programme. See for detailed information on the programme: www.ificantdance.org.

MuHKA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp
28 November 2007 - 6 January 2008
Saturday 27 November 17:00 - 21:00
With Heather Allen, Monica Bonvicini, Lili Dujourie, Jef Geys, Unni Gjertsen, Karl Holmqvist, Sanja Ivekovic, Jutta Koether, Sarah Pierce, Falke Pisano, Erik van Lieshout, Frances Stark, Hito Steyerl, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Cathy Wilkes, Haegue Yang and Katarina Zdjelar

A bus will drive from Amsterdam to Antwerp vv. Amsterdam: departure 15.00 Damrak. Antwerp: departure 22.00 MuHKA. 10 Euro.
Reservations: maaike@ificantdance.org

de Balie, Amsterdam
Sunday 28 November 11.30-18.30
With Rosi Braidotti, Ruth Noack, Hito Steyerl, Diana McCarty, Unni Gjertsen, Katarina Zdjelar, Mounira Al Solh, Stefanie Seibold and Christine Lemke

A bus will drive from Antwerp to Amsterdam vv. Antwerp: departure 09.00 MuHKA. Amsterdam: departure 19.30 de Balie. 10 Euro.
Reservations: ontvangt@muhka.be
The symposium is organized by the MuHKA, de Appel and Huis en Festival a/d Werf.

Performance programme
Huis en Festival a/d Werf, Utrecht
Friday 2 and Saturday 3 November 19.00-24.00
With Kevin Blechdom, Elle Bandita, Karl Holmqvist, Ivana Müller and Katarina Zdjelar
Video works by Julika Rudelius, Yael Bartana and Andrea Fraser

Film programme
MuHKA_media, Antwerp
Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 November
With films by Chantal Akerman, Lizzie Borden, Annik Leroy, Trinh T. Minh-ha, Laura Mulvey & Peter Wollen, Ria Pacquée, Hito Steyerl, Elisabeth Subrin, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Leslie Thornton, Ann-Mie Van Kerckhoven and Agnes Verda

Edition II: "FEMINIST LEGACIES AND POTENTIALS IN CONTEMPORARY ART PRACTICE" is financially supported by the British Council, the Cultuurfonds BNG, the Mondriaan Foundation, the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, the Office for Contemporary Art Norway, and the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund. Special thanks to de Balie.



A artista Portuguesa Marta de Menezes inaugura no dia 18 de Outubro uma exposição no Museu Ibero-Americano de Arte Contemporanea, em Badajoz, onde expõe um auto-retrato que consiste numa proteína agora criada, cuja sequência de amino-ácidos corresponde ao nome completo da artista – a proteína mArta.

Marta de Menezes é conhecida por ter criado nos últimos anos obras de arte em que recorre a ciência e tecnologia biológicas. Essas obras, que têm sido expostas em diversos países, incluem por exemplo borboletas vivas cujos padrões das asas foram modificados pela artista ("Nature?", 1999); esculturas vivas utilizando neurónios como matéria prima ("Tree of Knowledge", 2004); ou quadros que contêm bactérias que progressivamente vão degradando as suas cores ("Decon", 2007).

Esta sua última obra – "Retrato Proteico" – produzida no departamento de biologia estrutural da Universidade de Oxford, consiste numa nova molécula até agora inexistente na Natureza. As proteínas são constituídas por sequências de aminoácidos. É a sequência de aminoácidos das proteínas grande parte da informação codificada no genoma. Existem apenas 20 aminoácidos diferentes, habitualmente representados por 20 diferentes letras. Foi assim possível desenhar uma nova proteína cuja sequência de aminoácidos corresponde ao nome completo da artista:


Esta exposição é comissariada por Inês Moreira para o Museu Ibero-Americano de Arte Contemporanea, em Badajoz.

Website: www.martademenezes.com

Website do museu: www.meiac.org



19, 20 Oct 2007
9h30 > 19h30, Paços do Concelho Auditorium, Torres Vedras, Portugal

DESVIOS / DETOURS III is the third edition of the international encounters hosted by Transforma in Torres Vedras since 2004 and curated by Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro.
Part of TRANSFORMA_B, Arts, Creativity and the City:

The current concern with extending the debate on site and identity has proved to be supported by something that could be called relational practices. Many artists investigate processes of interchange (based or not on commercial interchange) as an ends to their artistic production, more than they invest solely in an object oriented practice. Conversations and, in general, any kind of social currency are considered to be relevant artistic methodologies, as well as engaging others in the artistic experience. But these processes have not necessarily been fully evaluated in terms of their aesthetics repercussions, neither have their social implications have been entirely demystified.
It is therefore necessary to instigate a debate on this territory, attempting, on the one hand, to unveil the pitfalls of excessive welldoing expectations put on socially engaging art practices, at the same time that, on the other hand, the scope of the so called “relational aesthetics” and its importance for artists and practitioners today needs to be investigated.

The coming event proposes a different format for a conference by creating separate sets of interchange and discussion that later come together in the forum.

The line up of speakers comprises some of the most interesting and thought-provoking voices at the moment:
Álvaro Domingues (Geographer and Researcher, PT)
Carla Cruz (Artist and Researcher, PT)
Carlos Bloss (Curator, ES)
Cristiana Rocha (Artist, PT)
Dolores Wilber (Artist and Performer, USA)
Francesca Ferguson (Architect and Curator, UK)
Future Reflections: Catherine Maffioletti (UK), Katrine Hjelde (NO), Marsha Bradfield (UK) (Research collaboration based at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London)
Heitor Alvelos (Designer and Researcher, PT)
Igor Dobricic (Dramaturge, CS)
Isabel Sabino (Artist and Researcher, PT)
Lorenzo Benedetti (Curator, IT)
Nuno Grande (Architect and Researcher, PT)
Sara Matos (Artist, PT)
Stephen Wright (Researcher, UK).

The structure of the event will thus consider two different types of moments: a line up of 30 minutes presentations on the 19th and the morning of the 20th from the invited and submitting speakers, both followed by a forum with the audience; and four working groups in the afternoon of the 20th chaired by a pair of speakers and invited participants.

The working groups will share their findings and experience in a final discussion at the end of the day. It is intended to create a space of debate and brainstorming around the issues involved, so that some form of collective reflection is shared by all participants during the working sessions and later with the audience at the general discussion moments. This interchange will complement the forums of the previous day and morning and offer the opportunity to test and share methodologies of discussion and reflection around the core issues of DESVIOS/DETOURS III.

Language: English
Inscription fee / Info:
T (+351) 261 336 320, F (+351) 261 336 322
E desvios@transforma.mail.pt


19, 20 Out 2007
9h30 > 19h30, Auditório do Edifício dos Paços do Concelho, Torres Vedras, Portugal

Desvios / Detours III é a terceira edição dos encontros internacionais organizados pela Transforma em Torres Vedras desde 2004 e curatoriados por Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro.
Integra o TRANSFORMA_B, Artes, Criatividade e a Cidade:

A actual preocupação com o alargamento do debate sobre o lugar e a identidade tem sido apoiada por algo que se poderá chamar de práticas artísticas relacionais. Muitos artistas investigam processos de intercâmbio (baseados ou não em intercâmbio comercial) como um fim para a sua produção artística, mais do que investem numa prática orientada exclusivamente para o objecto. Conversas e, no geral, qualquer tipo de intercâmbio social podem ser considerados como metodologias artísticas relevantes, tal como o é envolver outros no experienciar a arte. Mas estes processos não foram ainda inteiramente avaliados em termos das suas repercussões estéticas, nem as suas implicações sociais foram completamente desmistificadas.
É por isso, necessário instigar um debate neste território, procurando por um lado, denunciar as armadilhas das excessivas expectativas do bem-fazer imputadas às práticas artísticas com envolvimento no social, ao mesmo tempo que, por outro lado, o alcance da chamada “estética relacional” e da sua importância para artistas e outros criativos de hoje precisa de ser investigado.

Este evento propõe um formato diferente para uma conferência ao criar, além das apresentações dos oradores convidados, conjuntos separados de intercâmbio e discussão que mais tarde se reunem em fórum.

A composição do painel de oradores inclui algumas das vozes mais interessantes e provocadoras actualmente:
Álvaro Domingues (Geógrafo e Investigador, PT)
Carla Cruz (Artista e Investigadora, PT)
Carlos Bloss (Curador, ES)
Cristiana Rocha (Artista, PT)
Dolores Wilber (Artista e Performer, USA)
Francesca Ferguson (Arquitecto e Curador, UK)
Future Reflections: Catherine Maffioletti (UK), Katrine Hjelde (NO), Marsha Bradfield (UK) (Equipa de investigação colaborativa sedeada no Chelsea College of Art & Design em Londres)
Heitor Alvelos (Designer e Investigador, PT)
Igor Dobricic (Dramaturgo, CS)
Isabel Sabino (Artista e Investigador, PT)
Lorenzo Benedetti (Curador, IT)
Nuno Grande (Arquitecto e Investigador, PT)
Sara Matos (Artista, PT)

Stephen Wright (Investigador, UK).
A estrutura do evento contempla dois momentos diferentes: uma sequência de apresentações de cerca de 30 minutos por parte dos oradores convidados no dia 19 e na manhã de 20, ambas seguidas de fórum de discussão com a audiência; e quatro grupos de trabalho orientados por alguns dos oradores e participantes convidados para o efeito durante a tarde de 20 de Outubro.

Os grupos de trabalho partilharão as suas conclusões e experiência numa discussão final encerrando o último dia. Pretende-se criar um espaço de debate e intercâmbio crítico em torno das questões em tratamento, de tal forma que se efective uma reflexão colectiva partilhada por todos os participantes durante as sessões de trabalho e, mais tarde, também pela audiência, nos momentos de discussão geral. Este intercâmbio complementará os fóruns do dia anterior e da manhã e oferecerá a oportunidade de testar e partilhar metodologias de discussão e reflexão em torno das questões centrais de DESVIOS/DETOURS III.

Idioma: Inglês
Custo Inscrição / Info:
T (+351) 261 336 320, F (+351) 261 336 322
E desvios@transforma.mail.pt

Sponsorings and Supports / Patrocinios e Apoios:
dgartes | mc | cmtv | apap1 | ue.cultura2000 | leaderoest | UEleaderMais | fcg | j.f.s.pedro.santiago | hotel.império | império.express | iefp | águas.vimeiro | esad.cr/ipl | esco | escola.francisco.soares | escola.henriques.nogueira | galeria.municipal

1 APAP - Advancing Performing Arts Project | APAP is an European network (SZENE, Salzburg – Austria / BUDA ARTS CENTRE, Kortrijk - Belgium / WORKSPACEBRUSSELS, Brussels - Belgium / TANZFABRIK, Berlin - Germany / ARMUNIA, Castiglioncello – Italy / SILESIAN DANCE THEATRE, Bytom – Poland / TRANSFORMA AC, Torres Vedras - Portugal) that aims to support emerging international artists in developing their artistic projects and identities, by providing different forms of collaboration / APAP é uma rede de programação Europeia (SZENE, Salzburg – Austria / BUDA ARTS CENTRE, Kortrijk - Belgium / WORKSPACEBRUSSELS, Brussels - Belgium / TANZFABRIK, Berlin - Germany / ARMUNIA, Castiglioncello – Italy / SILESIAN DANCE THEATRE, Bytom – Poland / TRANSFORMA AC, Torres Vedras - Portugal) que tem por objectivo apoiar o desenvolvimento de projectos e a afirmação da identidade de criadores emergentes no panorama artístico internacional, facilitando diversas formas de colaboração.

transforma b
artes, criatividade e a cidade arts, creativity and the city
19.Out Oct > 24.Nov 2007 . torres vedras, portugal
Transforma AC
Praça do Município, 8 . 2560-289 Torres Vedras, Portugal
T (+351) 261 336 320 . F (+351) 261 336 322
E info@transforma.mail.pt
W www.transforma-ac.com


dia 19 de Outburo na galeria Quadrado Azul Porto


Em Maio de 2006 Isabel Carvalho lança na blogosfera um desafio: era
pedido a "mulheres (ou a sujeitos com identidade feminina) que
escrevessem as suas fantasias sexuais". O objectivo era o de
constituir um corpo de fantasias que mais tarde seriam utilizados numa
exposição e consequentemente numa publicação, com o sentido de
questionar o que são de facto as fantasias femininas e quais as suas
representações, tentando desmontar os seus estereótipos.

Esse projecto deu origem mais tarde ao projecto Wanda – crónicas
eróticas. Durante um ano foram enviadas cerca de três dezenas de
crónicas por autoras anónimas para o blog -
www.wanda-button.blogspot.com - espelhando uma face da sexualidade
feminina. O blog mantém-se activo e o desafio ainda presente.

Finalmente reunidas em formato de livro, as crónicas ganham a dimensão
de um pequeno tesouro de provocações, desejos e fetiches.

Isabel Carvalho tem centrado o seu trabalho mais recente em torno da
produção da imagem pornográfica sobre a perspectiva da mulher.



Miguel Bonneville #4

performance de Miguel Bonneville

Campo Maior, Portugal
13 de Outubro, 21:30
13th October - 9,30 pm

1 banana, 1 pala, 1 toalha de banho, 1 toalha de plástico,
2 individuais, 1 pano absorvente, 10 pratos de plástico,
1 saco, 1 mochila, 1 saco-cama, 1 peruca loira, 1 par de
leggings, 1 par de botins, 3 vestidos, 3 t-shirts, 4
camisolas, 1 peruca castanha, 1 soutien, 4 pares de
collants, 1 par de saltos altos, 1 pedaço de cartão,
6 molas de madeira

Concepção e Interpretação - Miguel Bonneville
Música Original- BlackBambi
Assistência e Registo Documental – Sofia Arriscado
Agradecimentos – Sara Vaz, Manuel S., Álvaro Brito

Co-Produção - Companhia de Dança de Évora e Câmara Municipal de Campo Maior


Feminist Metaphysics

Call for Abstracts/Papers

This volume is to be published by Springer Publishing as part of a series on Feminist Philosophy. The series will include five volumes on: Feminism and Aesthetics; Feminist Philosophy of Religion; Feminist Epistemology and Philosophy of Science; Feminist History of Philosophy; and Feminist Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy.

Series Editor: Elizabeth Potter. Volume Editor: Charlotte Witt.

As the first collection of papers devoted to the topic of feminist metaphysics, this volume is a landmark in the development of feminist philosophy. Although feminist metaphysics remains a contested field within feminist philosophy, its history stretches back at least to Beauvoir’s The Second Sex. Feminist interest in metaphysics includes broad questions concerning the ways in which ontologies and metaphysical frameworks are implicated in the oppression of women or their exclusion from intellectual history, and specific questions concerning the adequacy of theories of personal identity, of the self, and of the body.

Most of the papers in the volume will be previously unpublished, original work approximately 8500 words in length. Possible topics include (but are not limited to!): the relationship between metaphysics and feminist theory; essentialism and anti-essentialism about sex and gender; theories of the body and embodiment; theories of subjectivity, agency, personal identity and the self.

The editor welcomes contributions from diverse feminist perspectives including those of analytic and continental feminists, feminists of color, and feminists from diverse cultural and national origins. The choice of papers to include will reflect the editor’s desire to include a range of topics and perspectives in this landmark collection. Those interested in submitting an essay for this volume should send a 200 word abstract by January 15, 2008. Acceptance decisions will be based on the preliminary draft of your essay, which will be due by May 15, 2008. Authors whose submissions are accepted on the basis of the preliminary draft will have until October 2008 to complete their essays (8500 words). Inquiries, abstracts and submissions should be sent electronically to Charlotte Witt (Charlotte.Witt@unh.edu)


Girls on Film call for manchester

"As the nights get colder and winter draws closer, don’t let it get you down.! The Girls on Film will be back to chase the winter blues away with their next event at the Salford Film Festival on Tuesday, 27 November, and they need your submissions to make this the best event yet!

"The Girls are calling for submissions from short filmmakers, musicians, poets and performance artists of all kinds" ..."whatever you can think of that is made by women or promotes women, from around the UK and beyond!"

Hurry on over to www.girlsonfilmnetwork.org for further information and a submission form. The submission deadline is 5 PM on Friday, 26 October."

Artmarket at the Schoepfwerk

The Artmarket takes place at the Schoepfwerk, which is a city within the city of Vienna, Austria. It is a huge housing complex with 4.950 residents living in 1.650 community owned apartments. The homogeneity of the population regarding age and income, as well as the fact that more than 50% of the residents are people with a migration background, contributes to increasing tendencies of exclusion and social isolation. The district center Bassena at the Schoepfwerk has been addressing these issues through community work and projects since the construction of the complex in 1980.

One of the projects the Bassena organizes is a weekly free bazaar, where residents are welcome to take for free any three items, such as toys, dishes or clothing. Inspired by this principle the Artmarket at the Schoepfwerk has been created as a new art and community project at the Bassena (Renate Schnee: www.bassena.at). The idea of it was to invite artists, musicians, activists… and others living in the Schoepfwerk as well as in other districts to participate and donate artworks. For the market day on Oct. 14, 2006, 800 items such as paintings, films, videos, soundtracks, multiples, sculptures and an ‘art annihilator’ [KunstvernichterIn] were collected and then offered to everyone for free. Visitors were also invited to a party and could participate in the film and discussion program.

The Artmarket at the Schoepfwerk is organized together with two art spaces: the ImPuls-Drogerie (Franz Brunner, Markus Hiesleitner, Klara Paterok: www.im-puls-drogerie.at) and the Austrian Association of Women Artists (Rudolfine Lackner, Anka Luger: www.vbkoe.org). It questioned the fact that for more than 99% of the world’s population the possession of art is unattainable. Starting out with the question of how to create a new model of exchange, as opposed to the usual market principles and the commercial art system, we worked out an alternative social concept for transaction. In that sense the Artmarket successfully freed up positive but also critical energies for all of those who participated. This year we are taking the further step of inviting artists to provide artwork specifically created for the Artmarket at the Schoepfwerk.

Rudolfine Lackner

2. Kunstmarkt Am Schöpfwerk
Samstag, 20. Oktober 2007, 14.00–19.00
Ort: Stadtteilzentrum Bassena Am Schöpfwerk 29/14, 1120 Wien (U6-Am Schöpfwerk), www.bassena.at

ANRONVIAGDPIOVSA/2007, Brandon LaBelle, Dominique, GirlsOnHorses, Mai Gogishvilli, René H., Reni Hofmüller, Biggi Holzwarth, kampolerta, Maiken Kloser, KulturDrogerie, Thomas Northoff, Ferry Rodinger, SambAttac, Anna Witt

Linda Bilda, Carla Cruz, Veronika Dirnhofer, Hilde Fuchs, Nina Höchtl, LILA, Cornelia Silli, Karin Sulimma, trans/gender, Mounty R. P. Zentara uvm.

14.00 Eröffnung mit SambAttac
15.00 Thomas Northoff: „Was wir sagen, wenn niemand zuhört. Führung zu Botschaften in TextGraffiti“
17.00 kampolerta: Intervention
17:30 Ferry Rodinger: „Mein Schöpfwerk“, Führung durch die Schöpfwerkanlage
19.00 KulturDrogerie: Die Insel

OrganisatorInnen: Franz Brunner, Stefan Hauk, Sabine Haslinger, Markus Hiesleitner, Rudolfine Lackner, Anka Luger, Klara Paterok, Renate Schnee
Kontakt: Renate Schnee, Sabine Haslinger: 01-667 94 80
SponsorInnen: Stadtteilzentrum Bassena, Wien Kultur



Adelina Lopes em exposição no Armário até 15 de Novembro. Todos os dias, a todas as horas.

Armário de Curiosidades
C.C. Sta. Bárbara
R. Dr. Justino da Cruz, 90
4700-314 Braga



call for queer projects

Exhibition proposal

Hello people,

I am trying to put up a small selection of artist whose work is based around sexuality, body, queer, etc... (any medium!!!)
I have a very short time to propose a selection(just one-two months) so I am in a need of some good artists/artworks that contribute to this issue.
So if you find your work within this frame or you know some artists whose work does; please contact me (or give me their contact) as soon as possible.

The selected artist will be provided with traveling costs, accommodation, transportation of the work and I am also hoping to provide some small honorer for participation.
The exhibition will take place in Sarajevo in one of the "official galleries" (I love this expression! :) ) and is in one way an introduction to the future "Sarajevo Queer Art Festival" that should take place next year.

If you have any more questions please contact me and if you don't than help me! :)

Looking forward of hearing from you, all best!

//: Ibro Hasanovic
E: foomanic@gmail.com
M: 00.387.63.848.506
W: http://foomanic.googlepages.com


Call for Papers

The Visual Culture Division invites submissions for the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Cultural Studies Association (U.S.) to be held on the campus of NYU in Greenwich Village, in New York City,

May 22-24, 2008.

Deadline: October 22, 2007


Feminist Art

This is an exciting time in the history of feminist art, as evidenced by the recent opening of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn museum, the Feminist Futures conference at MOMA, the WACK! show at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the establishment of the Feminist Art Project, and issues focusing on feminism and art in the National Women's Studies Association Journal (Spring 2007) and Signs (Winter 2008). Such flourishing institutional discourse would seem to suggest, more than 35 years after the publication of Linda Nochlin's "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?" women artists, that some parity is finally being achieved. Yet, as artists and activists participating in each of these venues note, women continue to be underrepresented in the shows and collections of museums, galleries, and collectors. More importantly, women artists of color, gay/lesbian/trans/bi-gendered artists, and global women's issues continue to be marginalized within many of feminism's institutionalized venues and discourses.

What is the role of feminist art today? What does it look like? Who does it include and who does it exclude? How can it continue to impact the social and cultural values surrounding gender, race, and sexuality today?

Theories, critiques, histories, counter-histories, and counter-memories of feminist art, past, present, and future are welcome.

For more information:

Please submit via email a 500-word abstract of a 15-20 minute paper proposal, including name, department, and institutional affiliation, email address, and brief CV by October 22


Durante esta semana podem encontrar a ceramista moçambicana Reinata Sadimba a trabalhar na Gesto.

R. Candido dos Reis 64
10:00 - 13:00 e das 15:00 às 19:30


CRIME SCENES- Efrat Zehavi

gallery ONNO VAN TOOR in Rotterdam.

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 29th 2007, 17:00

Voorhaven 38c, 3024RN Rotterdam /the netherlans
For route information please check the website

The exhibition will run until October 28th 2007



Vera Cortês, Agência de Arte //LISBOA
Inauguração dia 21 de Setembro às 22h

Performance – Fluxos thing versão 2, dia 22 Setembro na Interpress às 22h

O negro constitui um dos momentos de maior intensidade na conquista da cor. A intensificação é causada por um trabalho de exaustão, de sobreposição de camadas até se atingir a profundidade desejada.
A primeira exposição individual de Martinha Maia, no novo espaço da Agência Vera Cortês, centra-se nesta busca pela profundidade que só o negro pode transmitir. Os trabalhos que apresenta são o resultado de uma pesquisa que tem vindo a realizar, e que se fortificou com a estadia na Casa Velázquez em Madrid como bolseira da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.
Os novos trabalhos formam um ensaio que se situa para-além da dualidade figuração/abstracção, para se centrarem sim na questão da tradução dos pressupostos da arte barroca na obra desta artista. De facto, o que se procura em cada trabalho é a dimensão teatral do gesto e do movimento do corpo. Quanto mais carregado for, maior o vestígio que deixará. O dramatismo da pintura barroca é evocado quer no confronto que Martinha Maia irá travar com as paredes da Agência, quer com outros suportes que constituem o núcleo desta exposição.
A artista propõe um diálogo entre o vazio e a saturação, entre a movimento do seu corpo a inscrever o gesto e o movimento do espectador a contemplar o vestígio. Este diálogo será prolongado, de uma forma mais imediata e confrontacional, na performance “Fluxos thing versão 2”que irá realizar em simultâneo à exposição, no espaço Interpress no dia 22 de
Setembro às 22h.
Filipa Oliveira

Black is one of the strongest moments when handling color. The intensification is brought by through the exhaustive exercise of overlaying layer after layer, until the intended depth has been reached.
Martinha Maia’s first solo exhibition, in the rooms of Vera Cortês Art Agency, concentrates in this search for depth that only blackness can convey. The works presented by the artist are the result of a research she has furthered during her residency in Casa Velázquez, Madrid, with a grant from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
The new works compose an essay that goes beyond figurative/abstract duality, in order to focus on the translation of Baroque Art concepts into the work of this artist. It is indeed the theatrical dimension of the gesture and of the body in motion that Martinha Maia looks for in each piece. The heavier the gesture, the stronger its track or its evidence will be. The drama of Baroque painting is summoned in the confrontation of the artist with the walls at the Agency and with other surfaces that are at the center of this exhibition. Martinha Maia creates a dialogue between emptiness and saturation, between the movement of her body while imprinting the gesture on the wall and the movement of the viewer contemplating its vestige. This dialogue will be extended, in a more direct and confrontational way, through the performance “Fluxos thing version 2”, which will take place at Interpress on the 22nd September, 10 p.m.
Filipa Oliveira

And still in Caroline Pagès gallery //Lisboa
Conceição Abreu -- Within --

"Ao longo das cinco salas da galeria encontram-se distribuídas esculturas que simulam ninhos, agulhas e sacos, uma teia e um tapete que foram realizadas com elásticos segundo uma técnica de minucioso enlace, como se de um trabalho de renda ou malha se tratasse. Estas peças tridimensionais encontram-se expostas, a par de desenhos a grafite e lápis de cor sobre papel, e de uma série de quatro fotografias a preto e branco...."

Conceição Abreu nasceu em 1961 em Portugal, hoje vive e trabalha em Madrid.








Nasceu em Moçambique, em 1945, na aldeia de Nemu, (Planalto de Mueda e Provincia de Cabo Delagado). Filha de camponeses, recebeu educaç\ao tradicional da etnia makonde, que incluia o fabrioc de objectos utilitários em barro (pratos, cântaros, etc). Em 1972, durante a luta armada, ingressa na FRELIMO. Em 1975 divorcia-se e inicia uma tranformação profunda na sua cerâmica, começando por ser conhecida em Cabo Delagado pelas suas "formas estranhas".
Em 1978 passa à reserva da FRELIMO. Devido à guerra emigra para a Tanzânia, em 1980, onde permanece até 1992, voltando então a Maputo. Em 1998 realizou aí uma semana de ensino sobre cerâmica tradicional. Desde então torna-se numa artista reconhecida sendo os seus trabalhos levados para todas as partes do mundo.



Switch Metaphors Affinity Group Feminist Art for the European Feminist Forum 2008

This newsletter is to inform you on the AG’s activities and how you can participate.

Affinity Group “Switch Metaphors” (Carla Cruz, Nina Höchtl, Francesco Ventrella and Suzanne van Rossenberg) organized the first workshop about feminist artistic strategies on May 28th 2007 in Rome.

The three big topics mentioned in the press release were pinned on the wall: politics, production of knowledge and economics. During listening to presentations of each other’s art works and projects, everybody was free to write words and terms on yellow Post-its. At the end of the day the yellow Post-its summarized all the different aspects of the artistic strategies that we are dealing with. A lot of terms did not strictly belong to one category.

The word FUN that appeared above all three categories is a good representation of the day. The fact that a lot of the Italian participants were not familiar with the term “feminist” was no problem in talking about feminism. The workshop proved that raising awareness is not about defining things, but to give space to people to share their starting-points, their assumptions or prejudices about feminism, their experiences with feminism.

Download the full report with a list of participants and URL’s to websites in the Feminist Art section at the EFF website: http://europeanfeministforum.org/spip.php?rubrique8&lang=en

The EFF offers us a framework of Affinity Groups. These groups discuss different topics. It seems logical to communicate our artistic solutions to the problems we individually come across to other AG’s so we can share our strategies with other fields of feminist production, but how?

There is the forum in Poland in June 2008 where our AG can make a contribution in any form we prefer. The organization of our AG is an open, participatory process in which you can participate and determine this AG’s presence at the forum.

From the EFF there is the possibility to participate in their Thematic Forum within the topic of Feminist Art. Go to: http://europeanfeministforum.org/spip.php?rubrique1
Switch Metaphors can publish articles and photos in the section Feminist Art, and you are welcome to contribute in a way that the website allows: A story, a description of your project, photos of your artwork. Send this to suzannevanrossenberg@gmail.com

Our next workshop will be in Porto in November (dates follow). We would like to make Porto a follow-up of Rome. You are all warmly invited. Please let us know if you are interested to come. If you are interested, but not able to come to Porto, we ask to think of a small contribution for the workshop: your website link, a trace of your project, a thought, your key word, your favourite Post-It.

We use the EFF website and this newsletter to keep you updated.

esta foi a minha casa

Sofia Barreira

Curador: João Baeta

Espaço Ilimitado - Núcleo de Difusão Cultural / 22 de Setembro > 3 de Novembro 2007

Inauguração: Sábado, 22 de Setembro, entre as 16h e as 19h

Espaço Ilimitado - Núcleo de Difusão Cultural / September 1> November 3, 2007

Opening: Saturday, September 1, between 16 p.m. and 19 p.m.

Espaço Ilimitado - Núcleo de Difusão Cultural

Rua de Cedofeita, 187 - 1º, 4050-179 Porto

Sexta-feira e Sábado, das 16h00 às 19h00
Ou por marcação prévia
Friday > Saturday, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Or by appointment


Best Regards from the Blind Spot

Contraseñas. Nuevas representaciones sobre la femineidad
Comisariado por Jovana Stokic.

14 septiembre - 24 enero

Representaciones femeninas en video desde Serbia y Montenegro (1976, 2007)
Comisariado por Jovana Stokic. (Serbia. Vive y trabaja en Nueva York).

Artistas: Marina Abramovic, Jelena Tomasevic, Vesna Tokio, Natalija Vujosevic, Jana

Stojakovic, Ivana Smiljanic, Jelena Radic, Sanja Zdrnja.
El Centro Cultural Montehermoso pertenece al Departamento de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Vitoria-Gasteiz, y se define como un espacio de producción, exhibición y difusión del arte y el pensamiento contemporáneo, que tiene entre sus objetivos principales la aplicación de políticas de igualdad entre los sexos.
Montehermoso está localizado en el casco antiguo de Vitoria-Gasteiz, y aúna un palacio renacentista del s. XVI al que se anexiona de forma subterránea el antiguo Depósito de Aguas de la ciudad construido en el año 1885.

e para muito breve

Ninguna mujer nace para puta.
16 noviembre – 6 enero

Mujeres Creando

check out their books


Soraya Vasconcelos
exposição de fotografia

Inauguração dia 15 de Setembro das 16h00 às 20h00
Patente até 27 de Outubro.

SOPRO - Projecto de Arte Contemporânea
Rua das Fontaínhas, 40 (Alcântara) Lisboa



"Biodrag in the vernacular, is a term used to designate people
performing the gender of their assigned, “biological” sex. The
Biodrag performance art project is a lived experiment in personal
gender boundary transgression. Rather than donning exaggerated
costumes, we dress in our own clothing, recombining pieces to
create an alternate gender reality. We create gender expressions
that are close to our daily experience; genders that we feel we
should live up to but do not, genders that we could have been;
genders that make us uncomfortable; and/or genders that we actively
try not to be in “real” life. We use society in general as a stage
and most people have no idea that we are conducting a performance.
The seemingly subtle changes we make open a surprisingly intense
psychological space in which we begin to reevaluate our personal
gender expressions and ultimately our sense of who we are."



Ana Luísa Amaral distinguida pelo Comité do Prémio Giuseppe Acerbi

Ana Luísa Amaral, 51 anos, natural de Lisboa e docente da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, foi congratulada com a distinção literária italiana dedicada a Portugal.

O Comité do Prémio Giuseppe Acerbi* atribuiu a Ana Luísa Amaral o Prémio de Poesia, permitindo, assim, a tradução de parte da sua obra para italiano. Para finais de Setembro está prevista a saída, em italiano, de uma ontologia de poesia sua, em que incluirá alguns inéditos.

Autora de oito livros de poesia, entre eles “A génese do Amor”, Ana Luísa Amaral deslocar-se-á, em Novembro, a Itália, para receber o galardão. Os prémios serão entregues em Mântua na primeira quinzena de Novembro.

*O Prémio Giuseppe Acerbi, do nome do explorador, literato e egiptólogo italiano (1773-1846), foi instituído pelo município de Castel Goffredo, Mântua, para “dar a conhecer e aproximar os povos”. CM/FLUP
(gamado da newsletter da UP)


6 de Setembro
Adriana Sá, performance: cítara, sensores, percurssão lumínica, imagem 3-D
Photonz dj set

Entrada Livre

Rua de O Século, nº80-88, Lisboa (Bairro Alto, Largo do Século)

something I found on YT that shows some of Adriana's work... Ultrasound festival, with lot's of other people... ULTRASOUND Music Festival -Golan Levin with Zach Lieberman, Jaap Blonk + Joan La Barbara [US / Holland] / Stilluppsteypa [Iceland] / Vindva Mei [Iceland] / Adriana Sá [Portugal] / Kitchen Motors Band [Iceland] / Johann Johannson [Iceland] / Kippi Kaninus [Iceland] / @c+Lia+Vitor Joaquim [Portugal / Austria] / Hilmar Jensson [Iceland] / Ólöf Arnalds [Iceland] / ap [UK] / Nullpointer [UK] / Darri + Thorunn [Iceland] / Mugison [Iceland] / Sumeru [UK] / Ukiyo-e [DJ's, UK] / rand()% [UK



EXHIBITION 8 Sep - 16 Dec 2007

Witte de With
Center for Contemporary Art

"A censor is someone who knows more than he thinks you ought to."

Why does pornography have such a bad reputation? Everybody has an opinion about porn. Most profess not to like it and many claim to have never even seen any. Yet, beyond a simple or dictionary definition, the question "what is porn?" remains almost impossible to answer. Even a Supreme Court judge was stumped, saying of pornography: "I don't know what it is, but I recognize it when I see it".

This group exhibition does not seek to provide one simple response. Nor does it take sides in the for-or-against debate about pornography. Instead, BODYPOLITICX poses further questions: Does porn symbolize patriarchal structures and the oppression of women? Are porn films a reflection of existing socio-sexual relationships? What is taboo when everything around us is sexualized and yet sexual practices remain un-discussable? Is pornography to blame for the destruction of sexuality?

In Europe during the Middle Ages, sexuality was an unknown concept. Sexual intercourse and masturbation were not stigmatized with shame. Irrespective of gender, satisfying one's desires was seen as a way to remain healthy. Not until the 16th century -- with the beginnings of industrialization, the division of labor and hence a greater emphasis on social- and self-control -- was a lack of sexual discipline declared taboo, and sexuality banished to the private domain.

The concept of 'modern pornography' arose with the expansion of printing during the 18th century. Initially it was used by free-thinkers as a tool to criticize the religious and political authorities, and was not primarily intended as a means of sexual stimulation. Only with advancing industrialization and the invention of photography did pornography become a category in its own right.

With a focus upon the 20th and 21st centuries, this exhibition takes a contemporary look at an age-old fascination, seeing sex through the eyes of over 70 artists, filmmakers, activists, photo-journalists, musicians and magazine editors. By means of visual juxtaposition, the exhibition sets out to examine the demarcation of the sex industry, subculture, pop, performance and art.

BODYPOLITICX asks: If we have learnt from Shakespeare what love is, what can we learn from the cultural practice of pornography?

48, Louisa Achille, Nic Andrews, Joanna Angel, Kenneth Anger, Fernando Arias, Martin Arnold, James Avalon, Fiona Banner, Thomas Bayrle, Willem van Batenburg, Belladonna, Andrew Blake, Bruce LaBruce, Angela Bulloch, Tom Burr, Butt Magazine, Marc Bijl, Marilyn Chambers, Larry Clark, Gerard Damiano, Nathalie Djurberg, Rinse Dream, Marcel Duchamp, Elmgreen & Dragset, Andrea Fraser, General Idea, Jean Genet, Girls Like Us, Garry Gross, Guerrilla Girls, Sachiko Hanai, Roswitha Hecke, Hustler Magazine, Dorothy Iannone, Robert Indiana, Jenna Jameson, William E. Jones, Richard Kern, Edward & Nancy Kienholz, Terence Koh, Bernd Krauß, Stanley Kubrick, Yayoi Kusama, Michael Laub & Dean Proctor, Zoe Leonard, Joep van Lieshout, Tracy Lords, Joseph Maida, Robert Mapplethorpe, Dorit Margreiter, Dona Ann McAdams, Malcolm McLaren/Vivienne Westwood, Eon McKai, Olaf Metzel, John Miller, Jim & Artie Mitchell, Robert Mueller, Otto Mühl, Bruce Nauman, Henrik Olesen, Fritz Ostermayer, Panik Qulture, Haris Pellapaisiotis, Richard Prince, Iwata Roku, Martha Rosler, Doug Sakmann, Carolee Schneemann, Brooke Shields, Snoop Dogg, Valerie Solanas, Annie Sprinkle, SUPERM, Paul Thomas, Erik Visser, Lawrence Weiner, Octavio Winkytiki, Johannes Wohnseifer, Nick Zedd, Jack the Zipper.

Curated by
Florian Waldvogel
Thomas Edlinger

(click to enlange)

Lab.65 Galeria

Rua Mártires da Liberdade, 65 (ao Gira Pratos)



some of the new links at my feminist delicious... /// links feministas

International Alliance for Women in Music
"The International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) is a global network of women and men working to increase and enhance musical activities, opportunities and promote all aspects of the music of women. The IAWM builds awareness of women's contributions to musical life through"

genders online journal

"we publish essays about gender and sexuality in relation to social, political, artistical and economical concerns"

feminist philosophers

"Feminist philosophy, more than most areas of philosophy, needs to be informed by real-world information and examples. One of our goals is to help feminist philosophers keep up with philosophically relevant facts and examples. Of course, there’s far more than we could ever hope to cover, but at least this is a start. By using ‘categories’, one can easily find useful examples for teaching and research. We’re also hoping that feminists who aren’t philosophers may find some philosophical reflections and references helpful and interesting. And, sometimes, we’ll just post things that are good for a laugh. Because we all need that. Do let us know if you think there’s something we should be covering that we’re not, by clicking on the ‘contact’ category. We’ll see what we can do."


Are you feminist?


Are you feminist?

If not, why do you think that one sex should have more rights than the other?

Normally, when people are asked if they believe in equal rights for men and women the answer is yes. Yet, if they are asked if they are feminist, which defends precisely that equality of rights, most answer no, and some even react as if the proposition was insulting in some way.

Why is feminism such a negatively loaded term when the majority agree with what it stands for?

As you may know, I am working on a project inspired by the wealth of negative propaganda, misinformation and stereotypes that surround feminism.

My intention is to publish an encrypted feminist magazine in the form of a glossy commercially printed publication and a website. The encryption makes the magazine unintelligible at first sight. It will however be decryptable.

Why make an unintelligible magazine?

The encryption touches on myths around women as mysterious, complex and prone to conspiracy. It is also a comment on the difficulty in finding out about the role and work of women in history, on the need for alternative stories and on the apparently ‘coded’ nature of history when it comes to women’s achievements.

Encryption is normally used to keep information in the hands of a selected few. The importance of women through history has normally been put to one side away from the grand narratives and discourses of power.

The unintelligibility of the magazine is a reminder that women are still prevented from enjoying equal status to men through various filtering methods. It mirrors the process in history and it also expresses my own astonishment on the fact that we still have to fight for equality on so many levels and that instead of the barriers being removed, they increase in sophistication.

We have advanced a lot as a society since women were not allowed to study, let alone vote. The fact that most people don’t want to think of themselves as feminist remains to me unintelligible.

The content for this magazine will start off as a collage of existing material reproduced with the permission of the copyright holders. I would be hugely grateful if you would like to contribute with an article, poem, dream, idea, or any other type of text related to the subject of feminism. Either an existing one or one written specifically.
If you would like to contribute please send your text to xyx28@grafeo.com. Also, if you are in contact with anyone who you think might be interested in this project, please could you forward them this e-mail or let me know who to contact.
To find out more about the project you can go to www.sumemos.com and register for updates, or you can contact me directly. I will be happy to tell you more.
Thank you!


An installation promoting this project will be part of the MA Fine Art graduating show in September 2007 and I will be around to talk about it. The show will be open on Saturday the 1st of September 11 to 18h, and Monday the 3rd to Thursday the 6th between 11 and 19h and on Friday the 7th between 11 and 16h. The address is Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, 107-109 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DU.

Feminist Art // Bases de Dados

Nina sent me this e-mail regarding our discussing within Switch Metaphores Affinity group for the European Feminist Forum... with great information on feminist art
ince 2006 there's a database for feminist art:
Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art
Feminist Art Base

"Our goal is to make this groundbreaking archive a comprehensive
resource for artists, curators, scholars, and the general public. We
see this database as an integral tool for accomplishing the mission of
the Center: to present feminism in an approachable and relevant
manner; to educate new generations about the meaning of feminist art;
and to raise awareness of feminism's cultural contributions."

another one is from elke zobel (an austrian that is very busy with zines):

and another database (that we can also use the next time to mention
your meeting in porto! - i've an account and i thus could do it for
you! one small contribution :) ): the "projects" are mainly in the usa
(once in a while london appears :) ) but we could expand it to europe


The artist group Megafån (Fredrika Biström, Freja Bäckman, Heidi Lunabba) is inviting feminist works to the living-room/bookshelf at our Feminst Wallpaper exhibition in Galleri Sinne in Helsinki, 26.10.-11.11.2007.

We are putting together an exhibition with and about our recent project Feminist Wallpaper and in this context we also want to present works by other feminist artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians and feminists in general.
This part of the show is going to function as a living- and reading-room, a space for a femnistic discourse, where the visitors can sit down and watch a DVD of their own choise, pick a book or magazine from the shelf and read, or maybe leave something behind for the next person.
We hope to get a big variety of material, so please send us your videos, films, music, books, fanzines, magazines, articles, stickers or anything else that is possible to present in a bookshelf or on a table.

Movies and videos should be on DVD, with the title and a discription of it on the cover. They are going to be shown on a monitor, no video installations e.g.
Music on CD.

Send us your works before 1. of October 2007. (Note the short notice!!)

c/o Heidi Lunabba
Villa Snäcksund
10600 Ekenäs

Unfortunately we are not able to pay any fee.
The works will be on display and in use during the whole show, that means finger marks and other traces of usage may occure.
We are happy to keep the received material in an archive after the show. It will not be used in future projects without the orginator´s permission.
If you want to have back your material, remember to write the return address. Megafån will pay the return postage as long as it goes as regular post (no big parcels) .

Megafån will have the right and responsibility to do the selection of works to be displayed.

For questions contact: freja.backman@gmail.com

Woman or work in Progress?

inaugura sexta feira 31 às 22h
A exposição colectiva de artistas plásticas femininas, intitulada Woman or work in progress? vai inaugurar no próximo dia 31 de Agosto, às 22h, na reabertura do espaço cultural Plano B, na Rua Cândido dos Reis, nº 30, no Porto. A exposição vai estar patente até ao dia 30 de Setembro.

Horário: de 3ª a Sáb. das 14.30h às 20h e das 22h às 2h da manhã

Woman or work in progress? - é uma exposição colectiva que resulta num diálogo entre diversas linguagens plásticas, onde se reconhece a individualidade de cada uma destas mulheres, artistas plásticas.

Este encontro de amigas unidas pela arte, tem como objectivo principal, dar visibilidade à mulher no mundo artístico.

Artistas plásticas representadas:

Adriana Castro

Benedita Kendall

Catarina Machado

Daniela Nogueira

Isabel Monteiro

Joana Peres

Joana Rêgo

Marcela de Navascués

Marta Fonseca

Paula Parracho

Sandra Palhares

Comissária: Catarina Machado
Plano B
Rua Cândido dos Reis 30
4050 - 151 Porto



yhe link was sent by Suzanne, and it looks suberb - - lesbian magazine



(Ana Mendieta)

07/06/11 - 07/09/09
Produced by the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
Sponsored by the BBK FOUNDATION
Curated by Xabier Arakistain


The exhibition "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. 45 years of Art and Feminism" brings together 69 works of 45 artists from diferent countries who have initiated and/or continue to produce what has been referred to as "Feminist Art". The show includes, five documentary videos specifically produced by 3 artists, one collective and one theoritian with the aim to contextualize the feminist artistic practice with the social, political and theoretical feminist movements.


From the late 1960s on, feminism had a major impact on the visual arts, both as regards the praxis of some women artists and the production of texts and essays describing the awkward position of Western women artists and their works in the pages of art history. From the mid-seventies, a series of publications on both sides of the Atlantic increasingly demonstrated the androcentric bias running through the art history officially taught in schools and universities, while critically examining notions like "genius", "artist" and "art work". What's more, by compiling the works of those women artists influenced by feminism's technical and political tenets, some of these publications have put together a body of works referred to as "feminist art", now considered the last avant-garde movement of the 20th century and the one to have most radically transformed the worlds of art.

As a reaction to the tradition predominating in official art history, which tends to isolate works and artists from their social and political contexts, the exhibition will give visitors the chance to establish a link between art practices and the political, social and intellectual practices of feminism. With this aim in mind and considering that from the Illustration feminism comes dragging some central subjects, that still today look forward for a definitive solution, the show is arranged according to five themes central to the feminist movement:

1.-the struggle for civil and political rights of women;
2.-the cultural construction of sex, gender and sexuality;
3.-the struggle to liberate women's bodies;
4.-the specific condemnation of violence against women;
5.-the varied attempts to write a true history of the human species that does not exclude fifty per cent of the population.

Categorizing and grouping the artworks shown in this exhibition under "feminist art" is by no means an attempt to isolate them in some essentially non-art category or to separate them in some way from art history in general. In fact, it was feminism that actually redefined the terms of art in the late 20th century, by exposing everything from the cultural nature of gender to the politicization of the relationship between the public and private spheres and by exploring the nature of sexual difference or even by highlighting the specificity of bodies marked by gender, race, age and class. However, although we do not separate feminist art from art in general and it is true that the women artists situation has improved in the period analyzed, the fact is that women artists still face major prejudice and obstacles just because of their sex.

The title of the exhibition, KISS KISS BANG BANG, is conceived to highlight in a particularly graphic way the contradictions and misalignments between the stereotypes created about women in patriarchal cultures and the reality of a group that has fought unceasingly against such stereotypes. The point is to confront the traditional idea of femininity that sees women as the repose of the warrior, that objectivizes them sexually in culture (KISS KISS), with another reality of women as active, enterprising subjects tireless in the ongoing struggle to achieve status as first class citizens (BANG BANG).

(hanna Wilke)



(Eulália Valldosera)


The catalogue accompanying the exhibition includes essays by María Xosé Agra, Xabier Arakistain, Lourdes Méndez, Linda Nochlin, Griselda Pollock, Maura Reilly and Amelia Valcárcel.

Bilbao Fine arts Museum
00(34) 944396060