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Newsletter of the European Feminist Forum
14th November 2007

This newsletter includes the latest articles and news from the website www.europeanfeministforum.org. The European Feminist Forum is committed to fostering an open and diverse dialogue among European feminists and to creating a space for feminists like you to come together, meet each other and bring about change in Europe. Major feminist networks in Central, Eastern and Western Europe envisioned and have organized this process. We invite you to take part in the European Feminist Forum by joining an Affinity Group, contributing to the discussion lists, and participating in our debates. The activities of the European Feminist Forum will culminate in an exciting and groundbreaking conference in Poland, on June 13-15, 2008, where a new European feminist agenda will be drawn up. Three main plenary themes of the Forum are:
1) Economic change in Europe: changes in the economy, the labour market, migration and feminist alternatives
2) Women’s physical and sexual integrity: women’s bodies, abortion and the politics of ending violence against women
3) Our movement: feminist resource mobilisation and building political power
The European Feminist Forum is your feminist space!





The 5th edition of Gender Bender has begun. Here are the appointments for
the second day, THURSDAY 1 NOVEMBER.

We would like to remind you that the complete programme is downloadable at

We would also like to remind to you pay particular attention to the
information regarding the sales of TICKETS and the GENDERBENDER CARD, also
on the website.

looking forward to seeing you

Gender Bender Festival 2007


Cinema Lumière
via Azzo Gardino 65/a
5.00 pm
free entry.