Club Society Meets Risky Business

Thursday 3 May 2007, 20.30 hrs in Off_Corso, Kruiskade 22, Rotterdam
(language: Dutch)

Beyond the clichés on women in art
It seems as though a new feminist springtime is underway: publicist Ariel Levy has written a fiery book against the bimbo culture, politician Mei Li Vos has begun a campaign against the Male Cartel and Heleen Mees is propagating power-feminism. And in their work at the exhibition Risky Business in TENT. (until may 20th), Kimberly Clark, Lydia Schouten, Cora Roorda van Eijsinga, and Monique van Heist make a dynamic plea for breaking with traditional sex stereotyping.
But hasn't visual art long been the discipline in which we left all preconceptions far behind? Should women still adopt a militant position in art, or is that completely unnecessary by now? Are clichés on the role of women already a thing of the past, or do they still exist? And if so, do they play a role in the contemporary (Rotterdam) art world?

ways to work

Nina Höchtl

Present-day forms of earning a livelihood and the increasing flexibility of ways of living are directly linked to developments in mobility. The readiness to co-ordinate several occupations in surroundings that have become mobile, expected especially of women in rural areas, defines the everyday ways of the locals. The artist accompanied residents of Klaus, situated on the Pyrhn expressway, on their ways to work and on the basis of these experiences developed a verbal piece which during the festival will be presented both live and as a permanent installation in the parking lot.

For the festival of regions -- Austria

Alltagsmobilität im Zeitalter flexibler Arbeitsverhältnisse
Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen Recherche / Soziales / Partizipation

Aktuelle Formen von Erwerbsarbeit und die Flexibilisierung der Lebensverhältnisse sind direkt an Mobilitätsentwicklungen geknüpft. Die vor allem von Frauen im ländlichen Raum erwartete Bereitschaft zur Koordination mehrerer Beschäftigungen in einer mobiler gewordenen Umgebung definiert die alltäglichen Wege der Einheimischen.
Die Künstlerin hat BewohnerInnen des Ortes Klaus an der Pyhrnbahn auf ihren Arbeitswegen begleitet und aus den dabei gewonnenen Erfahrungen ein Sprechstück entwickelt, das während des Festivals sowohl live als auch als permanente Installation am Parkplatz zu sehen sein wird.
ProjektträgerIn Nina Höchtl
ver site aqui



T-xchange is a performance-networking project

I am giving out T-shirts to queer and feminist bands and musicians and other performers that like the silkscreened slogan/sign that i made and will wear the shirts while performing. In return I ask to send me back a photograph of them wearing the T-shirts onstage.This image will then take the place of the T-shirt in the grid. so check the link so you can e-mail her




performance de Miguel Bonneville

14 de Abril pelas 23h00

Maus Hábitos
Rua Passos Manuel, 178 - 4º - 4000-382 Porto

Alcatifa, uma tesoura, vários rolos de fita cola, 1 par de All Star, 1 par de calças justas, uma t-shirt, 1 saco, 1 rádio, 1 peruca loira


nightcomers, is one of the night programme projects of the 10th International Istanbul Biennial, perhaps the most somnambulist. The conceptual structure of the project was based on the concept of "dazibao" used by Hou Hanru in reference to wall-mounted posters produced by the public during the Chinese Revolution.

The team of young curators invited by Hou Hanru defines "nightcomers" as follows:

"The project targets a wide profile in terms of viewer and participant and derives its power from individual sentences that are becoming increasingly anonymous, and as they become anonymous, become public and ascend within the public sphere. In other words, social and political content suitable for a wall-mounted newspaper is the defining aspect of the project. The source of the variety sought in the videos is our belief that the way to understand the impulsive force in the production of visual material is observing other fields."

Videos will be shown throughout the night in the streets, and the target is to reach a bigger audience than the Istanbul Biennial does in the daytime.

here to see how to apply - it is until the 1st of june

let's do it!


CASA SINCERA programa de actividades

comunitary art residency - exchange of talents - a project by Isabel Carvalho

Residência Artística Comunitária ~ Troca de Talentos
de 13 de Abril a 5 de Maio // Laboratório das Artes // Guimarães
um projecto de Isabel Carvalho


Beyond the Waves: Art Informed by Feminisms

March 4 -- July 16
Museum of contemporary art Los Angeles

"During the late 1960s and early ’70s, feminism fundamentally changed contemporary art practice, critiquing its assumptions and radically altering its structures and methodologies. WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution is predicated on the notion that gender was and remains fundamental to the organization of culture, and that a contemporary understanding of the feminist in art must necessarily look to the late 1960s and ‘70s. While the American feminist art movement coalesced in the late 1960s in the United States and is embedded within the exhibition, this international survey of 120 artists, activists, filmmakers, writers, teachers, and thinkers necessarily moves beyond the now-canonical list of American feminist artists to include women of other geographies, formal approaches, socio-political alliances, and critical and theoretical positions. This exhibition argues for simultaneous feminisms internationally that together and retrospectively can be viewed as the most influential movement in postwar contemporary art."

Kirsten Justesen, Sculpture II, 1969


Cyber feminism Past Foward - Vienna

Cyber feminism Past Foward // Vereinigung Bildender Kunstlerinnen Osterreichs
Curators – Rudolfine Lackner, Evelin Stermitz

Kloe Bratz(TC),(mez)Breeze (AUT), Carla Cruz(PT), Cym(AUT/NL), Aileen Derieg(AUT), Valie Djordjevic(G), Nina Hoechtl(AUT), Deb King(USA), Lady Tigers Night Club (AUT), Lizvlx(CH/AUT), Jess Loseby(Various) et al, Diana McCarty (USA/G), Nacy Paterson (CAN), Regina Célia Pinto (BRA), Suzanne van Rossenberg (NL), SisterO(NL), Nina Sobell (USA), Evelin Stermitz (AUT/SLO), Eva Ursprung(AUT), Francesco Ventrella (I), Faith Wilding (USA), Nanette Wylde (USA), Jody Zelle (USA)

Friday – 30 March 2007

Round talk // Name the depoliticalization of Cyber feminisms!
Although there is lately a trend around feminist art, and 2 major art magazines had dedicated their intire issues on feminist art (Frieze and Artnews), right now women are losing rights.

Coming to the point that the difference between women’s movement and feminism – is not about gaining a position but about constructing different structures.

And defending that there is nothing wrong with the term feminism, and we're not looking for a new word. If someone feels close to the feminist agenda, but does not engage itself because feminism has such a strong connotation, then they are not quite yet ready.

Saturday – 31st March 2007

Aileen Derieg (Aut) Media activist, presented a list of her favorite sites.
you can check her bookmarks at del.icio.us
the eclectic tech carnival.org
11/15 July 2007
It is ok to break things, to use things in a way they were not intended to be used for, to have fun.

Diy sextoys /Barcelona/ taking apart electronic objects – as taking apart sexuality, in a liberating way.
Lieve Vrouwen Tech huis – whatthehack.org
Women’s tech camp.
Women who like linux – open source
Based in bruxels
Bread and Roses – genderchangers.org


Ge'nder play – amy Alexander
Pongdress www.ludic.priv.at
Redoing valie export experiments – playing pong on a woman’s body – through a dress.
African women’s blog.
Faces community of media artists
Brasil espaço tempo vestimenta para pensar genero e tecnologia

Evelin Stermitz(slo)
World of female avatars

Avatars are images we use in the digital world to represent one self.
"is a project for expanded understanding of women and their relation to their body. By using the internet as an artistic survey media as many different entries from different cultures as possible will be collected. The public call for female body pictures and text with personal statements about the body is going to be presented at this net art project. The submitted pictures are used for a digital collage to create new bodies "

CYM – (aut/nl) No men’s land
Creating new world rules and society is her main interest in the cyber world, n her project 'No Men's Land' cym tries to capture something of the rapid changes that are happening to the borders in Central Europe. Since 1995 cym is traveling regularly between the former West- and East-European countries and she has followed the so-called 'opening of the borders' very closely. In her project 'No Men's Land' she is following the main border that used to divide Europe in East and West.

Magic garden.mur.at
Reni and Diva -- salon tv presentation at the city of women, slovenia

Carla Cruz (PT) Suzanne van Rossenberg (NL) Nina Hoechtl (AUT) Francesco Ventrella (IT) On accountability -
all my independendent women

transgender platform

while carla and nina knitted a circular form suzanne's presented a room with a lesbian view, followed by a sound piece by nina, e-mail exchange between the 4, all my independent women images, without the use of new media, but with the use of the cyber feminism concepts and structures.

Valie Djordjevic (D) & Diana McCarty (USA/D)

as many years before, women met around dinner tables to discuss strategies, so we did this day, and also to celebrate faces 10 years online
mailing list - for female media artists - there you can find bios of hundreds of women working with Media

collaborators and cooks of the great Risotto dinner - Katharina Hoffmann, Magdalena Oelzant.

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