Smashing the Patriarchy in 100,000 Words? The Use of Feminism in Academic Theses.

Call For Papers:

University of Dundee,
Monday 13th January 2014

A seeming resurgence of student feminism has become visible over the last couple of years; feminist societies and feminist students have engaged visibly and creatively with the feminist debates facing women and society today; from the No More Page 3 Campaign, to the microaggressions and Everyday Sexism Project, and producing photographs of signs reading ‘I need feminism because...’. Online activism has made the spread of information and campaigns more accessible.

But how does the increasing visibility of student feminism translate into academic work? Does it remain a part-time interest, or does it feed and inform our work? Is the academy a welcoming place for those already involved in activism? How does our academic work contribute to feminist activism?

This day of talks, workshops and networking aims to investigate how postgraduate students who use feminist methods and perspectives, or who identify as feminist activists, feel about the relationship between feminism and their academic work. We hope to create a friendly environment in which to discuss these issues, to offer fellow feminist researchers a springboard for further support and collaboration. We welcome papers which critique feminist methodology and interpretations or aspects thereof.

In association with the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association (http://www.fwsa.org.uk) and the University of Dundee, this event will include keynote lectures from those working within the academy and activism, while creating a space for postgraduate students from across the disciplines to discuss their work and their feminisms.

Abstracts of up to 300 words are requested for talks of 15 minutes, to be delivered as part of a workshop setting. We encourage interdisciplinary work.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

How feminism impacts your approach to your subject
Towards a feminist methodology
Feminism and its relation to identity politics or intersectionality
The relationship between your identities as feminist/activist and academic
Feminist academia: resurgence or decline?
Can feminist research be conducted within the academy?
Is feminist research relevant in 2013?

Abstracts should be emailed to smashingthepatriarchy@gmail.com by 1st October 2013 with a short biography (100 words or less) and a CV.