Sexo, punk-rock e entrevistas de emprego
4 de Junho a 16 de Julho
June 4th till July 16th, opening 17h at Pensão Favorita Porto

Inauguração 17h
Quarto Alugado @ Pensão Favorita

Sobre a exposição
"Sexo, punk-rock e entrevistas de emprego" é:

1. Um bem hajam à promiscuidade e leviandade gratuitas;
2. Punk-rock para quem gostava de o perceber, mas já tem idade para ter juízo;
3. Um guia básico para todos os recém-licenciados e futuros frustrados.

Wasted Rita
Concebida em Nova Jérsia, nascida no Porto e criada num buraco negro nas redondezas (Águas Santas), Rita Gomes é mais uma recém-licenciada em Design de Comunicação pela Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto. Começou por fazer cartazes para concertos D.I.Y., que organizava com amigos, ainda antes de entrar na faculdade e, cedo, começou a trabalhar para editoras e bandas independentes espalhadas por toda a Europa. Actualmente, trabalha (ou vai trabalhando) como freelancer, incluindo já no seu historial colaborações com a Red Bull Music Academy, Delta Q, STUDIOBURO, entre outros.

Dividida entre paixão pelo punk-rock e atitudes politicamente incorrectas, com um traço arrojado e espontâneo, gosta aproveitar erros e transformá-los em algo positivo, com algum sarcasmo à mistura e servindo-se de um talento natural para irritar pessoas. A ética DIY, a ironia, e a insaciável necessidade de criar e evoluir todos os dias são as suas principais armas.

Wasted Rita
Conceived in New Jersey, born in Porto, raised in a black hole in the suburbs (Águas Santas), Rita Gomes is one more recent graduate in Communication Design, by Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto. Started to design D.I.Y. gig posters that organized with her friends, before even getting to university and soon started to work with independent publishers and bands spread all around Europe. Nowadays works as a freelance with collaborations that include Red Bull Music Academy, Delta Q, STUDIOBURO, among others. Torn between passion for punk-rock attitude and the politically incorrect, with a bold and spontaneous stroke, likes to make mistakes and turn them into something positive, with some sarcasm to the mix and pouring herself a natural talent for annoying people. DIY ethics, irony, and the insatiable need to create and evolve every day are their main weapons.

Wedding Bellas

Wedding Bellas is a photographic project which examines the female desire for
roots and stability. It explores the wish to belong, and acts as a comment
on ageing, migration and marriage, but can be a record of an individual's urge
to hide personal problems, as a human need for dressing up etc...
The project presents brides passionately attached to the objects of their
marriage. That is evident from the photos- women in wedding dresses have a
physical connection with their rooted fellow. Wedding dresses are surrounded by
other wedding iconography, but the images are not a joke - it is a serious
matter - an event of desperation and delusion shot as on a true wedding
These photographs tell the stories of twelve women who refused to leave. Many
were rejected by their partners, their landlords and their employers, but
majority has been rejected by the state; refused a home in this country. The
women show an extraordinary resilience and resourcefulness in the face of
sometimes all of these rejections happening at once. Fantasy provides for them
an escape, so they ground themselves to that which is stable, rooted and
appealing: ’the Queen’s Subjects’ - a lamppost, a tree, a traffic sign - London
landmarks. It is through the medium of text and image, that we disturb and alter

the perception of migrants and refugees in the UK today. Wedding Bellas is
funded by the European Cultural Foundation with women from the Migrants Resource



Novas Cartas Novas

As Novas Cartas Portuguesas NOVAS a base de dados.

"Este projecto tem por objectivo criar uma rede transcultural e internacional em torno do livro Novas Cartas Portuguesas, publicado em 1972 por Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria Teresa Horta e Maria Velho da Costa, dando conta da investigação desenvolvida em Portugal e em vários países ocidentais nos últimos quarenta anos em torno de Novas Cartas Portuguesas."

não esquecer as da AMIW


Embroidery Ensemble

Café Crema
306 New Cross Road. London SE14 6AF
Nearest tube/train: New Cross or New Cross Gate

Sunday 22nd May, 2-4pm
Sunday 29th May, 2-4pm
Sunday 5th June, 2-4pm

Calling all stitchers, hackers, programmers, embroiderers, patchworkers, coffee drinkers, steampunks, artists, crafters, makers and tinkerers….

You are warmly invited to gather at Café Crema to stitch the term 'ensemble' as part of the Embroidered Digital Commons.

We will be close reading and embroidering the following text from ‘A Concise Lexicon of / for the Digital Commons’:

"Ensemble: The conceit or delight in togetherness in an increasingly anomic, fragmented world. Playing or working together to create finished or unfinished works. Chamber musicians, criminals, code-hackers and documentarists form ensembles. Artists try to. Effective ensembles are high bandwidth assemblies that build into their own architecture portals for random access into themselves. They are, when they are at their best, open systems that place a premium on shared information within them. They can at times maintain high levels of secrecy while seemingly appearing to be transparent. Here, confidentiality is an index of practices in gestation. Mined data is, sometimes, restored to natural states of information entropy in data dissembling ensembles, which have been found to work best at night in media labs. The Raqs Media Collective is an ensemble and everything it does is an ensemble of existing or anticipated practices."
(Raqs Media Collective, 2003)

This project is supported by The Co operative Community Fund.

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Novas Ligações // New Links

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by Anna Witt

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where have they gone 2010
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Aufzeichnungen” - open space, Boundary signal / Grenzsignal, Vienna 2009
By Ricarda Denzer

"LINEAR" - Performative and site-specific Installation at Ve.Sch
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