"Biodrag in the vernacular, is a term used to designate people
performing the gender of their assigned, “biological” sex. The
Biodrag performance art project is a lived experiment in personal
gender boundary transgression. Rather than donning exaggerated
costumes, we dress in our own clothing, recombining pieces to
create an alternate gender reality. We create gender expressions
that are close to our daily experience; genders that we feel we
should live up to but do not, genders that we could have been;
genders that make us uncomfortable; and/or genders that we actively
try not to be in “real” life. We use society in general as a stage
and most people have no idea that we are conducting a performance.
The seemingly subtle changes we make open a surprisingly intense
psychological space in which we begin to reevaluate our personal
gender expressions and ultimately our sense of who we are."


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