The artist group Megafån (Fredrika Biström, Freja Bäckman, Heidi Lunabba) is inviting feminist works to the living-room/bookshelf at our Feminst Wallpaper exhibition in Galleri Sinne in Helsinki, 26.10.-11.11.2007.

We are putting together an exhibition with and about our recent project Feminist Wallpaper and in this context we also want to present works by other feminist artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians and feminists in general.
This part of the show is going to function as a living- and reading-room, a space for a femnistic discourse, where the visitors can sit down and watch a DVD of their own choise, pick a book or magazine from the shelf and read, or maybe leave something behind for the next person.
We hope to get a big variety of material, so please send us your videos, films, music, books, fanzines, magazines, articles, stickers or anything else that is possible to present in a bookshelf or on a table.

Movies and videos should be on DVD, with the title and a discription of it on the cover. They are going to be shown on a monitor, no video installations e.g.
Music on CD.

Send us your works before 1. of October 2007. (Note the short notice!!)

c/o Heidi Lunabba
Villa Snäcksund
10600 Ekenäs

Unfortunately we are not able to pay any fee.
The works will be on display and in use during the whole show, that means finger marks and other traces of usage may occure.
We are happy to keep the received material in an archive after the show. It will not be used in future projects without the orginator´s permission.
If you want to have back your material, remember to write the return address. Megafån will pay the return postage as long as it goes as regular post (no big parcels) .

Megafån will have the right and responsibility to do the selection of works to be displayed.

For questions contact: freja.backman@gmail.com

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