Workshop: re/organization of re/emerging movements

Updating Revolutionary Systems/Confronting Perpetratory Systems III: Friday, 19th of
November 2010

Workshop: re/organization of re/emerging movements
Carla Cruz (Artist, Founder of AMIW), AMIW (All My Independent Women, Portugal), Ulrike
Krippner (Landscape Architect), Iris Meder (Architecture Theorist) and
Rudolfine Lackner (VBKÖ): In this virtual/real workshop we will confront
historical and current feminist practices as well as the literary working
practice of AMIW. We will engage in the following questions: Which struggles
have turned women artists into political subjects? Why can their early protests
be called movements? Which world politics are responsible for making many of
them unknown? Which oppressive powers do new feminist formations face today
when compared to bell hooks’ book Feminist Theory from Margin to Center (1984)?


Fathomizing Memory
Vinko Nino Jaeger (Student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Media Educator): Project
presentation, workshop and sound exhibition with the focus "Survey –
Remembering/Memory. Membranes/Invisibles." "Fathomizing Memory"
is an interactive and multimedia project on the commemoration of victims,
survivors and resistance fighters against the Nazi Regime. It aims to subvert
the authority of the factual through renewed critical questioning. It is
organized by Elisabeth Samhaber from Radio ORANGE 94.0 and Vinko Nino Jaeger.
Project collaborators: Dokumentationsarchiv Österreichischen Widerstands (DÖW),
the Verein Gedenkdienst, trafo-k, the Historian and City Guide Petra Unger,
Painter and Architect Wolf Werdigier and the Austrian Association of Women
Artists (VBKÖ).


The Reconstruction of the Lueger Memorial into a Testimonial against Anti-Semitism
and Racism
The presentation and discussion of the contributions, particularly in regard to feminism, will
take place in the workshop by the Work Group for the Reconstruction of the
Lueger Memorial into a Testimonial against Anti-Semitism and Racism and the
participants of the open call.


On the occasion of the centennial anniversary, a program for the year will be
presented, which is composed of theoretical activities and a growing annual
exhibition. Currently, works by 100 Poster Club, Amanda Amaan/Rudolfine Lackner,
Elke Auer/Esther Straganz, Linda Bilda, Veronika Dirnhofer, Lina Dokuzovic,
Drogerie, Nino Jaeger and Sands Murray-Wassink are on display. All of the
activities refer to the historical origin of the VBKÖ in the androcentric
totalities of institutions and to current links of resistance predominantly
imprinted by feminism.

Curator: Rudolfine Lackner

Freitag/Friday, 19. Nov. 2010: 11:00, 14:00, 18:00

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