In dialogue: Terre Thaemlitz, Laurence Rassel & Griselda Pollock

In dialogue: Terre Thaemlitz, Laurence Rassel & Griselda Pollock 14 July, 6–8pm, at Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Image courtesy Comatonse Recordings

Pavilion presents a discussion between audio producer Terre Thaemlitz, curator Laurence Rassel, and art historian Griselda Pollock. The event considers the male/female gender paradigm in relation to feminism's dismantling of patriarchy.

Terre Thaemlitz is a transgender audio producer, DJ and writer whose work combines a critical look at identity politics with an ongoing analysis of the socio-economics of commercial media production.

Laurence Rassel is currently Artistic Director of Fundació Antoni Tàpies. Between 1997-2008, as part of Constant, Brussels, her investigative work centred around feminist artistic practice and intellectual property. In 2007 she collaborated with Thaemlitz on The Laurence Rassel Show, an electroacoustic radio drama about feminist anonymity.

Griselda Pollock is Professor of the Social & Critical Histories of Art at the University of Leeds. She is a major influence in the areas of feminist theory, feminist art history and gender studies and played an important role in establishing Pavilion in 1983.

This event forms part of Pavilion’s ongoing preoccupation with the organisation’s history as a feminist photography centre.
With thanks to Feminist Review Trust & Leeds Inspired
Tickets: free Advance booking essential. Book online or email will@pavilion.org.uk

At: Wharf Chambers, 23-25 Wharf St, Leeds, LS2 7EQ


Affirmative Practices – An Encounter: hosted and organised by Alex Martinis Roe

Tuesday July 15, 2014

Affirmative Practices – An Encounter: hosted and organised by Alex Martinis Roe

Tue, Jul 15, 7 pm
Free admission

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Alex Martinis Roe, A story from Circolo della rosa (2014) | High definition video still of a photograph by P.H. Vanda-Vergna from the Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective Archive

With Marirì Martingengo, Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective, Laura Minguzzi, Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective , Iris van der Tuin, Gender Studies and Philosophy of Science, Utrecht University , Alex Martinis Roe, Fellow of the Graduate School for the Arts, UdK

An encounter between two generations of practitioners, who all participate in the production of feminist history, theory or art, and who engage with a common genealogy of thought on sexual difference. Exploring the relationship of recent new feminist materialist accounts of processes of “sexual differing” to earlier Italian and French philosophies and political practices of sexual difference, will provide a way of engaging both generations together now to construct speculative feminist futures.


Marirì Martinengo, born in Liguria and now elderly, lives and works in Milan, where she taught literature in schools. Since 1980 she has taken regular shifts as a cashier at the Milan Women's Bookstore and participated in its other relational, political and cultural activities and those of its club, Circolo della rosa. In the 80’s she implemented especially designed programs at the school where she was teaching, with particular attention to the education of girls through the application of a pedagogia della differenza (pedagogy of difference). She then subsequently devoted herself to historical research on female Occitan poets and published her work on Hildegard von Bingen and her letters, among others (le Trovatore 1996). She then dedicated herself to researching the poignant story of her paternal grandmother, her writing on which has given rise to the practice and theory of storia vivente (living history). She is currently researching the topic "An opportunity to be grasped: the invention of old age” with a group of women. News about her can be found on the internet under the heading Marirì Martinengo.

Laura Minguzzi was born in Ravenna in 1949 and lives in Milan. She graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Ca 'Foscari in Venice, with a thesis on women's and feminist movements in Russia. Since it began, she has participated in the Movimento di Pedagogia della differenza (Pedagogy of Difference Movement), founded by Marirì Martinengo. In Sapere di sapere (Knowing to Know) (1995) she wrote about this experience. Since 2001, she has been the editor of the Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective’s website (www.libreriadelledonne.it) and the president of the collective’s club Circolo della rosa. With Serena Fuart she published a supplement to No. 84 of the collective’s magazine Via Dogana entitled, Così via in un circolo di potenza illimitato (And so on in a circle of unlimited power) 2008. She is part of the Comunità di storia vivente (Community of Living History), which was initiated by Martinengo, and with whom she has published her research on the medieval abbess Euphrosyne-the-Pure in Libere di Esistere (Free to Exist) (1996). In 2012, The Community of Living History published a selection of their theoretical writings in No. 3 (95) DWF (DonnaWomanFemme) magazine.

Iris van der Tuin was born in Heerenveen (the Netherlands) in 1978, lives in Amsterdam and teaches Gender Studies and Philosophy of Science at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Iris has edited Doing Gender in Media, Art and Culture (Routledge, 2009) with Rosemarie Buikema and wrote New Materialism: Interviews & Cartographies (Open Humanities Press, 2012) with Rick Dolphijn. She has edited a special issue on 'Feminist Matters: The Politics of New Materialism' with Peta Hinton (Women: A Cultural Review, 2014). Her forthcoming book is Generational Feminism: Advanced Introduction to a Generative Approach (Lexington Books, 2014). Her articles have appeared in among others Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, Australian Feminist Studies, European Journal of Women’s Studies, and Women’s Studies International Forum.

Alex Martinis Roe was born in Melbourne in 1982 and lives in Berlin. Her current research projects and exhibitions explore feminist genealogies using a variety of media, including film, audio installation, performance and text. Since 2009 she has lived and worked at Kunsthaus KuLe, Berlin and recently completed a residency at Viafarini Milan. Recent exhibitions include Making Space: Spaces of Anticipation, ar/ge Kunst Galerie Museum, Bolzano (2014); A story from Circolo della rosa, Archive Kabinett, Berlin (solo) (2014); Wahala, SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin (2013), NEW13, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (2013); Collective Biographies, Bibliothekswohnung, Berlin (solo) (2012); non-writing histories, Artspace, Sydney (solo) (2012); Genealogies; Frameworks for Exchange, Pallas Projects, Dublin (solo) (2011); Denkmalpflege, Heidelberger Kunstverein (2011); HaVE A LoOk! Have a Look! FormContent, London (2010).


nullachtfünfzehn, Risk Hazekamp

Until 15 June at STROOM in The Hague, a new presentation of the project


The project is an ongoing research about the (im)possibility of rural queer lives.

For more information please visit: website STROOM or Risk Hazekamp's Website.


Irene Loureiro: Mão que Dá, Mão que Atira

Conversa com Irene Loureiro sobre o trabalho - 12 de Abril às 17h

Patente de 6 a 26 de Abril, 2014

Horário: 2ª a 6ª-feira, das 10h às 17h30
outro horário, com marcação prévia

Casa da Imagem
Rua Soares dos Reis, 612 4400-313 V N Gaia
969607812 / 223752119
metro - linha amarela / estação de Sto Ovídio


Carla Filipe. da cauda à cabeça, o livro

Lançamento 26/03/2014

Apresentação por Luís Silva e conversa em torno do projeto da cauda à cabeça com Carla Filipe e Pedro Lapa.
O Museu Coleção Berardo publica, em parceria com a Archive Books, um livro sobre a obra de Carla Filipe, por ocasião da exposição da cauda à cabeça. Esta monografia centra-se no projeto que a artista realizou para o museu, através de um ensaio de Pedro Lapa, curador da exposição, e de um conjunto de fotografias da sua instalação. O livro inclui também uma seleção de trabalhos anteriores. Outros textos, de Vít Havránek e Pedro G. Romero, e uma entrevista conduzida por Stephan Dillemuth, contextualizam a obra da artista e este projeto em particular.

Imagem: detalhe de colagem de Carla Filipe para a capa do livro da cauda à cabeça (Museu Coleção Berardo, 2014). Cortesia da artista.


Isabel Ribeiro: Castigo

Os trabalhos da artista, que começou a expor em 2001, são percorridos por diversas inquietações geradas na modernidade e que têm a ver com um fracasso do indivíduo com o que o rodeia: a crise individual, a crise colectiva, o conflito entre o individual e o social, as transformações do espaço, as forças de mudança, a solidão da luta, o contínuo falhanço dos movimentos de mudança, os dilemas e a longevidade da comunidade, a depressão, o desemprego, a solidão, o tédio.
Um procedimento comum em muitas das suas pinturas é a produção de ligeiras alterações, de deslocamentos, de reenquadramentos, de substituição ou anulação de elementos da imagem de referência. São imagens nas quais a artista representa lugares de fuga que falam desse fracasso.

ISABEL RIBEIRO http://www.quadradoazul.pt/pt/qa/artist/isabel-ribeiro/
(Covilhã 1976). Vive e trabalha no Porto.
Licenciatura em Pintura na F.B.A.U.P.
Das exposições individuais destacam-se: Truir, Galeria Nuno Centeno, Porto, 2010; Tough Love, Plataforma Revolver, Lisboa, 2010; Debaixo de Cinza, Caroline Pagés Galery, lisboa, 2009. Debaixo de cinza, Caroline Pagés Gallery, Lisboa, Portugal (2008); Sucedior, Galeria Reflexus, Arte Contemporânea, Porto, Portugal (2009). Das exposições colectivas: Au delà des mots, Résidence André de Gouveia, Paris, França. Para além das palavras, Espaço Campanhã, Porto, Portugal; formas e forças, Galeria Quadrado Azul, Porto, Portugal; Aproximações à profundidade, Sala do Veado, Lisboa, Portugal. Cinco Séculos de Desenho na Colecção da FBAUP, Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis, Porto, Portugal.

Organização: Laboratório das Artes – Associação Cultural e Artística de Guimarães
Curadoria: Luís Ribeiro
Financiado por: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Quarta a sábado
Por marcação: laboratorio.gmr@gmail.com


re.act.feminism book

Wednesday, 26 March 2014, 7pm - Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Kottbusser Str. 10, Berlin, Germany

We will introduce the book, but most of all on the occasion, we’d like to celebrate with you! Also there is the unique opportunity to auction one of the re.act.feminism archive modules or other paraphernalia during this evening. 
This book of 320 pages includes eight essays by curators and scholars Kathrin Becker, Mathias Danbolt, Eleonora Fabião, Bettina Knaup, Laima Kreivytė / Oxana Sarkisyan / Mare Tralla / Reet Varblane, Laurence Rassel / Linda Valdés, Angelika Richter and Rebecca Schneider, seven visual essays, more than 200 illustrations, the biographies of all the 180+ participating artists and an appendix with German translations. Published by Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg and Live Art Development Agency London.
Retail price: 29,- €
Special offer only on 26 March 2014! The book will be on offer for a discounted price. Special editions will be available with signatures by some of the artists and writers.
Looking forward to meet you at this occasion
Beatrice E. Stammer and Bettina Knaup and team
Bettina Knaup and Beatrice Ellen Stammer (eds.): re.act.feminism #2 - a performing archive, Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg and Live Art Development Agency London, 2014, 320 p., English with German annex
ISBN: 978-3-86984-460-2
re.act.feminism #2 - a performing archive
A project by cross links e.V., Berlincurated by Bettina Knaup and Beatrice Ellen Stammer 
Realized in cooperation with Centro Cultural Montehermoso Kulturunea Vitoria-Gasteiz, Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb, Instytut Sztuki Wyspa, Gdansk, Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde, Tallinna Kunstihoone, Tallinn, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Live Art Development Agency, London
Funded by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes. Weitere Förderung further funding by ERSTE Stiftung, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa)