Carla Filipe

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is delighted to invite you to celebrate the launch of “an ilustrated guide to the british railway to my study” (evocation of a new language that transgresses the rules of translation), by Carla Filipe, on Tuesday 16 November from 6pm. Please find your invitation attached.

“an ilustrated guide to the british railway to my study” is the culmination of Carla Filipe’s Gulbenkian residency at ACME Studios, London, from October 2009 to September 2010. The publication includes critical texts by Ulrich Loock and Miguel von Hafe Pérez.

"....the book is Carla Filipe’s work, which, being informed by its reference to pre-existing writing and drawing, should not share the same location with texts referring to her own. Writing and drawing are merged in a number of pages that reproduce rubbings Filipe made of memorial plates encountered in train stations in Britain. Here her drawing is limited to the action of a hand that presses a pencil on a sheet of paper and moves it across to trace rows of writing in embossed letters, the names and professions of trainmen fallen in the wars. Mechanically applied, drawing is used as a recording procedure for writing, while at the same time the writing on the plates that had stayed in place for years on end is imbued with the strokes of the living body performing at a specific time and location." Ulrich Loock