Susan Croft "Votes for Women and other Plays"

Just got Susan Croft's "Votes for Women and Other Plays" for my birthday about the use of theatre plays by the suffragettes, which I am really looking forward to start.

"A new anthology of the best plays, sketches and monologues to celebrate the Centenary of the Suffragettes. With extensive Chronology of Suffrage plays performed in the UK 1907-1914".

see also http://www.thesuffragettes.org/

"This anthology includes Cicely Hamilton, and Chris St. John's hilarious and perennially popular How the Vote Was Won, Inez Bensusan's moving short drama The Apple and Elizabeth Robin's powerful full-length classic, Votes for Women. It also seeks to supplement our understanding of the range of suffrage plays by introducing some pieces which have not been reprinted before: Alice Chapin's At the Gates, Helen Nightingale's  A change of Tenant, and Margaret Wynne Nevinson's In the Workshouse."