All Work and Low Pay: The Story of Women and Work

All Work and Low Pay: The Story of Women and Work @ Women's Library London
London Metropolitan University
25 Old Castle Street
Aldgate: London E1 7NT
Until the 25th of August 2012

‘It’s time to change the perception that, in the past, the majority of women in Britain were housewives. Women’s work has always been essential to the economy, even though they had to work incredibly long hours to support themselves and their families. The fantastic array of pictures, books, posters and objects in the exhibition shows how much women have achieved. But campaigning continues: there is still a pay gap between men and women. I hope All Work and Low Pay will be inspiring as well as fascinating!’"

The exhibition is beautifully displayed and designed andone shouldn't miss to watch the 1951 film: To Be A Woman by Jill Craigie, a fantastic feminist manifesto to equal opportunities.
Curated by Clare Rose, the exhibition compiles artifacts, documents and facts about women's work in the UK.

The centre piece of the exhibition is a table made of various types of working tables and also an ironing board and washing devie. It was built by furniture maker Sofia Linden
The wonderful display is by Cristina Monteiro
 and the poster design by Eve Barker
Unfortunately the exhibition closes tomorrow. But here are some more images for the record, because there was a very interesting selection of graphic work related to equal pay and opportunities
That just as in Craigie's film highlights the fact that although women were doing the same work for less pay, under the rationale that men had families and others at their charge, implying that working women were all spinsters (which the statistics demonstrate was not true), women had more likely to take care of the family and the house when back at home from work.

Check the exhibition's blog for more information. 

Cycling to Suffrage: The Bicycle and Women's Rights, 1890-1914 another exhibition @ the Library (Foyer) can be visited until the 8 of September.