Sarah Pierce: The artist Talks

My visit to Sarah Pierce's "The Artist Talks" @ the Showroom (with Carolina). The exhibition will on show until the 2 June 2012
"Pierce repositions the convention of the artist’s talk as an open system with the potential to disturb or re-invent past artworks and received ideas. Using new video work, photographs, sculpture and performance, the exhibition contains a range of material and references that open up the relation between speech and archives. A stage is the setting for a choreographed ‘artist talk’, which has been developed as a group performance in collaboration with art students and uses fragments and gestures from past artworks. An arrangement of props, objects, video and photographs will frame the event with material that includes a film of students describing uncompleted artworks, and a set of small clay studies based on the unsigned sculptures that became known as ‘unknown Rodin’s’."

Followed by a conversation about art-writing in which Fatos Ustek made a non linear presentation of her work, by inviting the participants to come up with a number or word that related to the material she had (such as trowing dice, resolving small problems or making a sentence from a randomly selected word). The talk was organised by the Reading Complex (Niekollas Johannes Lekkerkerk and Catherine Y. Serrano).