Dalla Parte Delle Donne: Tra Azione e Partecipazione

curated by Federica Bianconi and Chiara Canali 
Galleria Parmeggiani 
Corso Cairoli, 2, 42121 Reggio Emilia
From 11th May to 24th June 2012
Friday 11th May open 6pm-12am;
Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May 10am-12am
From 17th May to 24th June
Open from Tuesday to Friday 9am-12pm;
Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays 10am-1pm and 4pm-11pm
Closed Monday. 

Marina Abramović | Elina Brotherus | Silvia Camporesi | Daniela Cavallo | Corpicrudi | Alessia De Montis | Nezaket Ekici | Ciriaca+Erre | Mariana Ferratto | Loredana Galante | Sara Giordani| Francesca Grilli | Andreja Kulunčić | Liuba | Valentina Miorandi | Svetlana Ostapovici | Margot Quan Knight | Francesca Rivetti | Maria Lucrezia Schiavarelli | Marinella Senatore | Sissi | Ivana Spinelli | Jemima Stehli | Barbara Uccelli | Jelena Vasiljev

Will women always stand divided?
Will they never come together as one?

Olympe de Gouges, 1791

The subject chosen for Fotografia Europea 012 a Reggio Emilia is A Shared Life, images for citizenship. The 7th Fotografia Europea event, promoted by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia with the support of numerous partners, is set to reflect on these aspects which are the very foundations of civilized life. (www.fotografiaeuropea.it). Photography and art in general can help us identify and reveal the complex relationships underlying this subject through proposals, suggestions and active participation.

The show, DALLA PARTE DELLE DONNE. Tra azione e partecipazione, part of the Fotografia Europea 012 initiatives, taking place in Reggio Emilia from 11th May to 24th June 2012 at the Galleria Parmeggiani, aims to create a visual journey and group contemporary art show dedicated to the subject of woman, increasingly committed to acting and participating in all areas of social, economic, cultural, artistic and political life. In the last century women made decisive progress in all fields of the common public and private life. From the suffragettes of the early Twentieth century to the Feminist movement of the Sixties, women’s history has been marked by a series of conquests, but also by problems that remain as yet unresolved.

DALLA PARTE DELLE DONNE. Tra azione e partecipazione actually brings together the artistic and performances works of twenty five Italian and foreign female artists, who are already known and established on the international art scene, whose work focusses on the theme of social work and political commitment in the community and the female identity in relation to family life and citizenship, private and public life. The female artists in the show play around with the theme of contemporary female iconography as "shared, exposed common identity", in a legendary and erotic photographic journey, understood and interpreted “by women”. The female artists’ representations embody the icon of the metropolitan woman, in the physical nature of the body and in the lightness of being, which are as active and involved in private and in the family as they are in the public life of our multi-cultural society, through work, social and cultural commitment. The works present different approaches and expressive techniques which provide a mix of manual representation, photographic works, documentary video, performance, theatre happening and video installations. There's a wealth of visions and interpretations of the role of woman in society put out by women artists nowadays, offering a complex, detailed study of the meaning of shared action and common life. Through the photographic image of these women artists we can see the cut, or part that female participation takes as an effective event within an experienced, displayed and shared space.