Sopo at the venice Biennial

The georgian artist Sophia tabatadze will be on the gorgina pavilion at the venice biennial - check out her blog with the project Humancon Undercon "In this series of works I portray the current situation in Georgia, my country of origin. By ‘human condition’ I mean the state of mind the country is going through. When asked about the situation in Georgia I always say the age of the country’s independence is the age of teenager, so that’s also how the country behaves – it rushes from one thing to another and quickly erases the leftovers from the previous system (though the feeling I get from this is of immaturity rather then the constant refreshment of the youth)."

this artist is also responsible for the geoair residency in Georgia together with the dutch artist Frey van Dien and Nadia Tsulukidze (georgia).

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