Molluscs Hunt Wizards launch event

Molluscs Hunt Wizards is a project that looks for markers and boundaries of experience and potential within desert and plains landscapes and uses this research to create new sculpture and drawing. Within the narrative of Molluscs Hunt Wizards, molluscs and wizards act as metaphors for gradual and dynamic modes of action or experience, molluscs being gradual, wizards being dynamic.

From early August 2014 Sovay Berriman will travel from Beijing (China) to UlaanBaatar (Mongolia) to join a three week research trip into the Gobi. Following this she will fly to Australia to meet with artist-led groups and visit deserts of the red-centre and the Willandra Lakes. Throughout this journey Berriman will gather information regarding markers and boundaries from those with knowledge of these landscapes, and from her own experiences.

Please join us for the launch of Molluscs Hunt Wizards to learn more about the project and share your own tales of big open spaces and the markers and boundaries you have found there. We’ll be talking planning, maps, methods of exploration and the power of fantasy.

The Interview Room,
The Old Police Station, Deptford, SE14 6LG
7 - 8:30pm, Friday 1st August 2014.

Molluscs Hunt Wizards is entirely funded through private sources, a crowd-funding campaign is running to gather the remaining finance required. Please visit https://www.sponsume.com/project/molluscs-hunt-wizards to help to raise funds and spread the word.
Through sources that it would be unfair of me to expose here, I have discovered that wizards head to deserts to charge their power and test their affect. My aim is to find the edges of their testing grounds, and the markers of their moments of power. To harness these to navigate my way through the desert, collecting moments of experience and charting the stages and platforms that promote dynamic transformative actions.