Where Molluscs Huddle and Wizards Roar: Sovay Berriman: The Agency: London

Sovay Berriman’s sculptures and drawings are devised to work together as an ensemble. Berriman uses the principles of dramaturgy and scenography to position sculptural objects, drawings, signs and the audience into a terse relationship, which carries the potential for sudden, or gradual, transformations. She approaches sculpture not as a fixed object, but one, which through gravity or performative interaction may take on variations of meanings. Beginning with Entertainment Suite (2010 –ongoing), a modular perspex and wood structure, which was devised for Entertaining at the Dust Lounge a solo show at Exeter Phoenix, Berriman embarked on a series of research led explorations of stages for activity, addressing the role an object/ stage construction plays in influencing the social and physical behaviour of the audience, protagonist or director Prevalent in experimental theatre, cognitive behaviour theory, but also and more commonly in the psychology of mass entertainment the subject or the audience are compelled to move or behave in certain ways prescribed by the manner in which the stage or the auditorium is laid out and how the dramaturgy governs their behaviour. A reduced language of visual printed signs, which Berriman developed based on her observations, adds a further dimension to her work, which is neither drawing nor object, but gives directions for behavioural circumstances, which may or may not arise in the given constellations.

On Saturday 14th December Sovay Berriman will be screening the Powell & Pressburger movie version of The Tales of Hoffman (1951) starring Moira Shearer as a Symbol Archive event to accompany the show. There will be warming refreshments provided.

The Agency
66 Evelyn Street, Deptford, SE8 5DD
Exhibition Open
20th November 2013 to 18th January 2014
(closed 15th Dec - 3rd Jan)

Private View
Tuesday 19th November 2013 6:30 - 8:30pm