Independents ArtVerona section (10-14 October 2013)
Founder and curator: Giulia Casalini
Organized with CUNTemporary (Arts | Feminism | Queer)

ArtVerona 2013 (Independents section) will host Archivio Queer Italia/Queer Archive Italy: a programme that will shake the usual art fair format through a continuous and unexpected series of performances, presentations, discussions, videos and installations. The programme revolves around the theme of queer non-normativity within and outside the space of the fair.
The ‘Archivio Queer Italia’ project is conceived as an always up-to-date platform (with an on-going open call) on Italian realities that have an artistic or theoretical engagement with queer. Parallel to the online platform, Archivio Queer Italia launches in ArtVerona Fair highlighting some of the participants that have been selected to manifest a ‘fluid archive’ – characterised by ‘impermanent’ works and presences. Following this concept of archive, a ‘festival’ has been elaborated, which will involve performance, discussions, presentations, videos and temporary installations that criticise and subvert the concept of ‘norm’ – not only in their contents but also in form. The artists/performers will utilise the ‘official’ spaces to explore the ‘unofficial’ limitations and unexpected situations that can arise within the context of an art fair. Some of these events will take place in the city center.
The Archivio Queer Italia space will also host conversations and presentations by some of the most prominent thinkers of the academic and curatorial sectors who engage with queer themes and gender issues in Italy. Amongst the speakers are Lorenzo Bernini, Massimo Preraro, Paola Di Cori, Marco Pustianaz and Francesco Urbano & Ragazzi.
Performances by Konstantina Alexopolou, Maurizio Buongiovanni, Eyes Wild Drag, Maria Teresa Gavazzi, Andy Gio, exvUoto, Giovanna Lacedra, Erique La Corbelle, Roberta Orlando, Anna Ramasco, Shakinart e VDREY feat. Schultz.
Videos include Andrea Abbattangelo, Atletica Smalti, Sara Benaglia, Benazir, Diane Busuttil, Dulce Garcia, ideadestroyingmuros, GendErotica, ConiglioViola, Tiziana Contino, Gelato Al Veleno Production, Kyram and Julius Kaiser, Sarah Koppel, Anna Lopez, Nicola Ruben Montini, Mery Sut, Chiara Trivelli, Cosimo Terlizzi, Fagarazzi Zuffellato. Sound work by Sergio Racanati and performative installation by Toisha Tucker.
Archivio Queer Italia is a project curated and founded by Giulia Casalini (CUNTemporary co-Director and independent curator). With the help, organization and partcipation of the team at CUNTemporary: Diana Georgiou (co-Director), Beatrice Balfour, Ana Grahovac, Laura Di Nicolantonio and Claudia Rossini. CUNTemporary (based in London) is a non-profit organisation that assists in promoting visibility to queer and feminist theories and art practices.

For more information see the website.
e-mail: press@cuntemporary.org
Web: http://archivioqueeritalia.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/archivioQitalia | Twitter: @ArchivioQueerIT