CITY OF WOMEN Festival: Aging


Aging is a process that actually starts at birth. We are never a day, a month or a year younger even though people say it when congratulating you on your birthday, starting at about the age of 40: “50? Impossible, I’d give you 30 tops, maybe 31!” At the same time, we are offered seats on the bus which is a sure sign that our looks reflect our actual age. The appearance of age has become an important driving force for capitalism and corporate power to control people’s lives. The look of youth is a norm that has become deep-rooted in most parts of the world; to be fit and to have supple skin is the best formula for success, and which not only propels cosmetics companies but also aesthetic surgery, the pharmaceutical industry and employment markets. All manner of pills, a small cut here and a little something added there – it all makes it easier to survive although it is very expensive and only accessible to a certain social class. The rejuvenation industry is a new separation line between the rich and the poor who are now separated from a decent life by yet another insurmountable gap. Read more here