Kadin Project - Call for submissions

ARtCH is working towards a project as part of the woman's month.
The project will take place between 21st and 31st of March, 2012.
In dedication to femininity and feminism we would like to explore through this project the process of the depoliticization and the eroding feeling of solidarity and pride which seems to be taking effect within the feminist movement itself, and in the way that it is perceived. By no means can we suggest that this is a reflection of a different state of society in which feminist movements no longer have a role. Well-known realities that starkly contrast to the assertion of a historically fulfilled feminism persist. Examples vary from unequal pay-rates, unequal opportunities at work, but also fundamental issues such as women trafficking and domestic violence.

The upcoming project would like to suggest a space for a dialogue around those issues, focusing specifically on how the feminine body is used as a political tool in contemporary culture and politics. We are looking to develop questions and debates around post-feminist tendencies through the presentation of contemporary art works, events and talks. We hope that the project might be able to propose new definitions, meanings and missions to contemporary feminist movements.
We are looking for artists, cultural activists and other interested professionals to submit suggestions for art works, events and talks that touch upon these issues directly or indirectly. We would like to suggest a variety of topics under the chosen theme of "The Feminine Body as a Political Tool".

Submission should include an updated CV, between 3 to 5 images/sketches of your work supported by a short description of the work with a short covering letter that explains why you are interested in presenting your work in this specific context.
Submissions should be sent to info@arbeit.org.uk
Until the 5th of March, 2012
Responses would be sent back by the 10th of March.