Susana Mendes Silva

Hóspede | Guest
a performance by Susana Mendes Silva

The room used by Susana’s guest is no ordinary room. It is a bedroom inside the Caroline Pagès Gallery. Whoever comes to sleep in the gallery is going to meet the artist and participate in a performance that only makes sense with this person. In Guest, sleeping in the room is the drive to create an encounter between people that probably do not know each other.
After the booking of the room, the guest and Susana will exchange emails or use chat to arrange their meeting.
At the beginning of the encounter, they will take a polaroid: a self-portrait of both of them. After that they will do something that will only be revealed then. Before the encounter ends, just before saying goodbye, they will take another polaroid.
When the guest arrives in the room, he/she will find a surprise.
At check-out, the guest will receive the polaroids that are the only record of their encounter.
- each performance is unique and especially conceived for the guest.
- the performance can be suspended at any time if the guest or the artist does not feel comfortable.
- the performance will not be recorded.

Guest is part of the program “Sleep with me”
Artists’ projects for the gallery guest room

The Caroline Pagès Gallery in Lisbon is situated in a seven-room apartment located in an early XX century building from the Campo de Ourique neighbourhood.
Since the opening of the gallery four years ago, one of the rooms of the gallery has always been a bedroom called guest room which is, on a regular basis, temporarily occupied by visiting gallery artists, art professionals and tourists.
The “Sleep with me” project came from a will to continue using this guest room as a bedroom but at the same time turn it into an exhibition room and a place for each artist to conceive a site and time specific experience for the public that chooses to participate.
The “Sleep with me” projects will be conceived by invited artists, each at a time proposing a unique project that participants will be able to experience for one night (or several if they choose to). Each project will last for several weeks so that different participants (2 people max. at a time) can book a night (or several) in the gallery guest room during the artist’s project. The price for one night (or a special price for several nights) includes a Certificate.
The “Sleep with me” projects will run parallel to the gallery exhibitions held in the other five rooms of the gallery.

“Sleep with me” #1 _ Guest, a performance by Susana Mendes Silva _ May 2011
“Sleep with me” #2 _ Miguel Palma

The Price includes:

- 1 Night in the guest room of the gallery for 1 or 2 people (it has a double bed and the gallery bathroom, kitchen and balcony are for the guests’ use only)

- The performance by artist Susana Mendes Silva that also includes 2 polaroids signed and dated by the artist, a Certificate of the performance, and a surprise by the artist.

€ 225 (VAT incl.)

Dates during which it is possible to book a night:
the whole month of May from May 2.

For reservations, please contact the gallery:

Caroline Pagès Gallery
Rua Tenente Ferreira Durão, 12 – 1º Dto.
[Campo de Ourique]
1350-315 Lisbon, Portugal
Tel. [+351] 21 387 33 76
Tm. [+351] 91 679 56 97
Open to the public from 3 – 8 pm every day except Sundays and by appointment.