nparadoxa - Feminist Manifestos / feminist art

I attended yesterday the last semininar on Feminist Art organised by nparadoxa at the ICA. Katy Deepwell transported us through history by starting with the 'unknown' Valentine de Saint Point, writing at the same time and in reaction to the Futurist Manifesto by Marinetti to more contemporary manifestos such as the "100 anti-theses on cyberfeminism" by the Old Boys Network.
The links to all manifestos presented and read during yesterday's session can be found in here.

I have read this one:

Anges Denes: A Manifesto 1970

Working with a paradox

defining the elusive

visualizing the invisible

communicating the incommunicable

not accepting the limitations society has accepted

seeing in new ways

living for a fraction of a second and penetrating light years

using intellect and instinct to achieve intuition

achieving total self-consciousness and self-awareness

being creatively obsessive

questioning, reasoning, analyzing, dissecting and re-examining

understanding the finitude of human existence and still striving to create beauty and provocative reasoning

finding new concepts, recognizing new patterns

desiring to know the importance or insignificance of existence

seeing reality and still being able to dream

persisting in the eternal search

copyright 1970 agnes denes