Where do we go from here? VBKOE

Symposium: Thursday, Dec. 16th 2010, 2-7pm

Where do we go from here? Reflecting historical and contemporary struggles against discrimination in art and education in Vienna

This year represents 90 years of anti-discriminatory struggles in art and education in Vienna, which began with the VBKÖ lobbying for women artists to begin studying art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna for the first time. Anti-discriminatory resistance, such as anti-sexism,
anti-racism and anti-anti-Semitism will be reflected against a historical backdrop to look at which struggles are taking place today and how to contextualize and unite them for upcoming actions.

Short presentations will be made by the participants working on these issues in order to analyze contemporary conditions and experiences of policies of exclusion in art and education. Then an open discussion and/as a working session will take place in which the different material and experiences are to be collected and developed for future actions, strategy plans and collective demands.

Invited participants:

“Vocabulary of Decoloniality” book editors sub-group Darker Side of the Academy

AG Migration and Anti-Racism:
Past projects, demands and upcoming plans for Rundgang actions and legal struggles

Plattform Geschichtspolitik:
Presenting the intervention „Monument of the Demand for Provenience Research and Restitution“

Petja Dimitrova / Verena Melgarejo Weinandt:
Arbeitskreis für Gleichbehandlungsfragen

Can Gülcü / Nora Sternfeld:
Migration and Education. Naming exclusions and producing counter-knowledges. A cooperation between two seminars of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna: “Emancipatory interventions as artistic strategy” by Can Gülcü and “Project Art and Communication” by Nora Sternfeld

Organized by Lina Dokuzovic

On the occasion of the centennial anniversary, a program for the year will be presented, which is composed of theoretical activities and a growing annual exhibition. Currently, works by 100 Poster Club, Amanda Amaan/Rudolfine Lackner, Elke Auer/Esther Straganz, Linda Bilda,
Veronika Dirnhofer, Lina Dokuzovic, Drogerie, Nino Jaeger and Sands Murray-Wassink are on display. All of the activities refer to the historical origin of the VBKÖ in the androcentric totalities of institutions and to current links of resistance predominantly imprinted by feminism.

Curator: Rudolfine Lackner