Resistant Feminist Operating Levels

Resistant Feminist Operating Levels

It was predominantly the artistic women’s movements, which laid down the path for women artists into the art market. They developed resistant practices against gender-specific exclusions of women artists from art education, cultural activities, cultural politics and subsequently the art market. As the first feminist art movement in this country celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, we reclaim current performative feminist and power-critical operating levels from their first self-determined exhibiting spaces, whose origins are currently in “demand” by protagonists active in the international art market:

* Where are your resistant feminist operating levels inside the art world?
* What is your subject position drawn from your own practice?
* How / Do you position yourself as anti-racist feminist?
* How / Do you work with / against capitalist structures / dynamics?

Jenseits von Wertsteigerung? Über feministische Kunst im Kontext der Erstellung einer privaten Kunstsammlung (German)
Gabriele Schor, Head of the Sammlung Verbund, Vienna, gives insight into the collection
Iris Borovcnik, Activist, Vienna, is guiding through a discussion with a performative installation

Beyond the Glocal? About Interdependencies and Positions in the Art Production (English)
Claudia Arozqueta (Writer, Curator, Mexico City, Moscow)
Gülsen Bal (Visual Artist, Curator, Theorist, Open Space Zentrum für Kunstprojekte, Vienna)
Andreiana Mihail (am andreiana mihail gallery, Bucharest/Romania)


On the occasion of the centennial anniversary, a program for the year will be presented, which is composed of theoretical activities and a growing annual exhibition. Currently, works by Amanda Amaan/Rudolfine Lackner, Elke Auer/Esther Straganz, Linda Bilda, Lina Dokuzovic and the Drogerie are on display. All of the activities refer to the historical origin of the VBKÖ in the androcentric totalities of institutions and to current links of resistance predominantly imprinted by feminism.

Curator: Rudolfine Lackner

Präsentationen/presentations: Freitag/Friday, 7. Mai 2010, 18:00, 19:00
Bleiben Sie für/Stay for: Cunttails

Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs
Austrian Association of Women Artists
Maysedergasse 2
1010 Wien/Vienna

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