call for women's videos

I am calling for submissons of videos (single channel) by women. I am going to be curatiing another program of works by Portuguese folks but this time by women only. The screening will take place at Groupe Intervention Video (http://www.givideo.org/i) n Montreal, Canada. Hopefully it be screened in September/October of this year. At this point its in the embryonic state. This might be in conjunction with a gallery aswell but its all in the works.
So if you are interested in showing me your work please email me and I will give you my home address so that you can mail a copy of your work, synopsis.
Those of you who are not aware of the work I do; I am Luso-Canadian currently living in Lisboa, daugther of political refugees who fled portugal in the 60's. My father was an anarchist doing anti-fascist work here and in Canada. I am a practicing artist and independent curator. I have just finished curating a program of videos by Portuguese artists entitled Moving Still, which was screened in several places in canada during the month of september and october 2006. Angela Ferreira was the artist that joined me there. If you want more information about that by all means just ask.
Anyways hope to hear from you women and trangendered folks!
Miriam Sampaio

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Estou interessada em colaborar, mas qual é o e-mail de Miriam?