Het Wilde Weten

Artists’ talk
15h november 2006, 20:00

Het Wilde Weten presents:
Judi Werthein

Robert Fruinstraat 35

On Wednesday the 15th of November at 20:00h, our current guest artist
at Het Wilde Weten Judi Werthein, will present and talk about her work.

"Social, spiritual, political and economic realities exist that are
beyond our control as individuals, restricting both our movement and
our choices.
We are subject to these realities, regardless of our will. The power
of art lies in its ability to envision alternate realities. Most art
attempts to integrate the world into
the gallery, accepting a temporary fiction. I find it most effective
to relinquish control and move the art from the gallery into the
world, where its power and effectiveness is questioned. Art affords
us time, if only momentary, to consider a particular aspect of our
world, and to envision "what would happen if?" Reality usually
continues unchanged after this experiences, but these experiences can
and do change us on an individual level. By recognizing the
individual power of my audience, I provide tools for them to recast
the limitations of reality that structure our existence."

Judi Werthein (Argentina) lives and works in New York and Buenos Aires.
Judi Werthein was born in Buenos Aires 1967 and received her Masters
of Architecture from the university of Buenos Aires 1993.
manicurated 2002

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