AMIW @ The Mews 4 Artists Books Weekend

edited by Carla Cruz and Virgínia Valente, this publication introduces possible readings and relationships between All My Independent Women, as an exhibition project, the artists involved a Portuguese feminist book from the 1970s.

3 pm – 4 pm :
AMIW @ The Mews Project Space Common Room
AMIW presents AMIW – New Portuguese Letters
All My Independent Women (AMIW) positions itself as a network of artists, who create from a feminist perspective, expound the question of gender, or question power relations in the arts in their works. Currently AMIW is preparing its 6th edition at The Association of Austian Women Artists – VBKÖ, Vienna, where it intends to question critically and experimentally through an exhibition and a series of events: How can the desire for visibility be transmuted into a different experience; one of equality and accountability? How can feminist practices function as a ‘counter-hegemonic intervention’ in the arts in particular and in society in general?Or as the Portuguese authors ‘3 Marias’, of the New Portuguese Letters, asked in the 1970s: “Sisters. What can [art] do? Rather, what can words do?”

Artists Books Weekend