To Live Outside the Law You Must be Honest

Opening: Friday 9 March, 6 - 9pm

Event: Freedomism, 1 April, 5pm
Nicoline van Harskamp’s long-term project 'To Live Outside the Law You Must be Honest' investigates systems of government and interpretations of the notion of freedom.

The project is comprised of three scripted video works, each performed by the same actor in different roles. The first video is filmed in Christiania, a free town at the centre of Copenhagen that was created in the early 1970s, which continues to be inhabited by over 1000 people today who reject the ownership of houses and infrastructure and practise consensus democracy. Informed by interviews with its residents the video addresses issues of self-government and self-policing. The second two works were filmed in London, and are based on interviews with left wing and right wing libertarians whom actively campaign against violations of freedom today. In all three works the issues of freedom and participatory democracy are addresssed but each drawing very different conclusions over how that is obtained.

Event: Freedomism, 1 April, 5pm
Invited speakers from different political pursuasians, ranging from right to left wing, will debate ideas about libertarianism.


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