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OBN is regarded as the first international Cyberfeminist alliance and has been founded in 1997 in Berlin. Under the umbrella of the term 'Cyberfeminism' OBN contributes to the critical discourse on new media, especially gender-specific aspects.

OBN is dedicated to appropriating, creating and disseminating Cyberfeminisms (plural). OBN creates real and virtual spaces where Cyberfeminists can research, experiment, communicate and act. The OBN platforms aim to provide a contextualized presence for the diverse and interdisciplinary approaches to Cyberfeminism.

The HER NOISE project was started in late 2001 by Lina Dzuverovic and Anne Hilde Neset who, having collaborated on a monthly event series called Interference at London’s Lux Centre began to investigate the lack of female presence on the independent music scene at the time. mais em...

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