it comes a bit late - desculpem!!!

Post / Porn / Politics
— symposium on queer feminist perspectives on the politics of porn performance and sex as culture production.
14 e 15 de outubro no porn festival berlin

Why watch porn?
Why not?
Or why not look for "other" porn?
How theorize sex performances?
How produce other body-technologies?
How celebrate critical pleasures?
How criticise without censorship?
Why affirm the fetish?
Why sexualise alienation?
How intensify the relation between theory & practice?
Why is power sexy?
Why the body a victim of capitalist commodification?
Why not fuck different, instead of idealising a way back to nature?

clica-me !!!

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Art&Tal said...

com grande potencial energetico.

nao podemos abandonar as meninas aos textos sagrados.

o zine está bem.