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the theme of the next 4 volumes for 2007 and 2008


n.paradoxa publishes work by women writers, artists and curators which discusses the work of contemporary women artists (visual arts only) and its relationship to feminist theory. It has an open submission for every volume and no regular contributors.

A special feature of the journal are the artists pages, where artists are asked to produce a 2-6 page work, suitable for the print media. Suggestions for these are welcome.

n.paradoxa does not publish exhibition reviews, only in-depth articles which may be based on exhibitions or projects. Interviews are only commissioned for new work or a review of major projects by women artists.

If you have a proposal for an article, interview, feature or artists' pages, please contact the editor, Katy Deepwell k.deepwell@ukonline.co.uk Please send an email with an outline of the idea, the artists, and the approach you wish to take for articles, interviews, features or projects.

Now in its 9th year of publication, n.paradoxa is the only international feminist art journal dedicated to contemporary women artists and feminist theory around the world!

Themes of the next four volumes

IN/Difference (Jan 2007) - copy deadline is November 15 2006

Martha Rosler wrote in the 1980s against using women as a ³token for all markers of difference², arguing that ³appreciation of the work of women whose subject is oppression exhausts consideration of all oppressions². Does marking the difference that sex/gender produces exhaust consideration of other oppressions in terms of class, ethnicity, race, sexuality in cultural production? This volume seeks to address how race, sex and class interact and whether indifference is the result of collisions between terms. Another theme is the question ofdifference instigated by Derrida and the relationships between feminism and deconstruction.

Translate/Narrate (July 2007) - copy deadline is May 15 2007

Narrative continues to be a theme in contemporary art, even in non-linear forms. Oral history, even testimony, has become a key subject of video art. Translation plays a key role in how the spoken voice is heard cross-culturally. Yet translation does not offer the immediacy of hearing a voice in one¹s first language. It mediates reality. The uneasy relationship between translation and narrative provide the key to this volume which inevitably will centre on questions of interpretation and cultural criticism.

Violence (January 2008) - copy deadline is November 15 2007

Making a statement is sometimes regarded as a violent act. If that statement is about violence, the violence against women in particular, what will be its impact. Violence against women ­ sexual, mental and physical - continues to be a horrific feature of the modern world, in war and in peacetime. The involvement of women in violence or as solders or terrorists has also been the subject of some recent works. Many women artists have made work which examines the violence against women or shows women¹s escape from that violence as well as women who are involved in perpetrating violence and this volume will offer interpretations of this work.

Incidental (July 2008) - copy deadline is May 15 2007

Yve Lomax¹s recent book, Sounding the Event, provides the inspiration for this volume. What is the status of an event? An incident? This is key to both installation and performance works, namely, their recognition as an event of note, as something which is recognised for being an event. What is the contribution of women producers to the production of noteworthy events in contemporary art?

Another theme draws on the other meaning of ³incidental², in the trivial or minor, will be used to explore concepts of the everyday in contemporary art.

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