Featured: Luiza Margan


Video AVI, 6min33sec, loop, 2010
I hired a young actress to act me, the artist, in an artificial situation of an interview in which I took the role of the curators standing behind the camera and asking the 5 standardized questions, and she, the actress, took the role of the "artist". The final video was presented together with other artist's interview, except, that it offered an unexpected switch to whoever had put the headphones on in order to listen this explanatory interview. 

The title reflects on the metaphor behind the action of art-work itself: the action of often “fishing” under extreme conditions. In the same time it is a play with the relation of an art-institution and an artists and the possibility of exchange. The exhibition space where I was invited to exhibit has a procedure to record a video interview with each artist that exhibits there, the curators them selves holding the camera and asking each artist 5 same, standardized questions.
My approach is a critical reflection on this kind of “archiving”, presenting and communicating art, since the curators themselves were not personally involved in the development of works, but were merely staging the interest in front of the video camera for a possible future audience.
By trying to emphasize the comic aspect of this miss-understanding of art and communication , I have used their 5 standardized questions as a script for a video for which a young actress to presents herself as Luiza Margan, and answer questions as if she would be an Icefisherwoman....