Volume 25, n.paradoxa

n.paradoxa – international feminist art journal
Volume 25 (Jan 2010) Out Now!

Editor: Katy Deepwell
'Why pleasure? Surely, this is an apolitical category. Something personal, gratuitous, superficial, selfish even. Is the concept of pleasure just an excuse for decadence! Why should feminists question or think about pleasure as an idea in the visual arts? If all we are doing is looking for pleasure, in the sense of personal gratification, what will it say about our politics? Or will it just be a sign of the lack of them and our adherence to the desires of late consumer capitalism or neo-liberalism?.... This volume tries to expand the idea of pleasure as a multiple and diffuse set of forms: the pleasure of the text, the pleasure invested in vision, the pleasure of the senses, pleasure in our physical experience of the world around us, pleasure postponed in utopian visions of the future, the emptiness of certain decadent forms of pleasure, pleasure in contemplation and reflection on small and everyday details, pleasure in drawing how we feel and articulating what we believe in, pleasure in a job well done or an achievement…' Katy Deepwell, editorial, Volume 25, n.paradoxa


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