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"The making of each work transforms the way I see myself and the world around me. Once I start engaging in the process of working I'm embarking as well upon a journey whose point of arrival is unkown to me. For me, intentions and preconceived ideas have a very limited role in the creative process. More fascinating are the impasses, the unexpected procedures, the accidents, the unwanted discoveries, as well as time wasted and useless moves. I'm thus working in different mediums, always looking for the one who is matching to mediate what I want to tell during the process of working. Out of a personal passion either I'm visiting people that fascinate me and talk with them or I'm inviting people to participate in the process of my projects.

Aside from whishing to transform and to be tranformed in making art I hope as well that the circulation of my work will contribute to redefine the notion of "audience", to be treated as active social subjects engaging with art in diverse and critical ways. The works I have been producing can be viewed in general as different attempts to deal creatively with cultural differences, both between and within. My wish is to create works that confront complexities of life in its diversity, and are thereby more likely to offer a reciprocal exploration of a social/political/emotional, and/or artistic situation; between the maker, the media and the viewer ." Nina Hoechtl

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