cyberfeminist wanted

Dear Artists!

We would like to invite women artists working in the fields of cyberfeminism and new media to an open exhibition starting on March 8, 2007, the International Women's Day, in the rooms of the Austrian Association of Women Artists, Vienna. The founding of this first artists association in Austria in 1910 was a reaction to the general exclusion of women artists from the artworld and resulted from the first women's movements and its international networking. We see feminisms today for the most part as being depoliticized. Therefore, past forward focuses on the question: how are depoliticizing aspects emerging today in light of global politics?

We are opening a public space for an exhibition, real meetings, presentations, panels, discussions, performances, concerts, happenings ... past forward will become a great gathering of cyberfeminists and new media artists.

past forward, cyber fems virtual real: Participation in the exhibition cyber fems virtual real is free by submitting your project websites (net art projects, websites including video, animations, interactivity, poetry, activism, personal websites, virtual women spaces ...). Online works will be presented both as real paper hangings and as online room installation projections as cyber fems virtual real.

past forward, cyber fems real saturday meetings: You are also invited to propose a presentation, panel, discussion, performance, concert, happening or djane acting for the cyber fems real saturday meetings taking place throughout March, 2007.

Submission for cyber fems real saturday meetings: Choose a date and time for your real appearance and send us your proposal. We will try to accommodate your preferences, if there is a scheduling conflict we will let you know.

Submission for past forward, cyber fems virtual real exhibition and also for past forward, cyber fems real saturday meetings:

Artist Name:
Short personal statement about cyberfeminism:
website / project URL:
Technical requirements:
Your Proposal for the cyber fems real saturday meetings:

To participate please e-mail to vbkoe@vbkoe.org until Friday the 26th of
January, 2007



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