Baixo Contínuo: Mafalda Santos & Manuel Mesquita

Mafalda Santos & Manuel Mesquita / Moinho da Fonte Santa - Portugal

28.11.2014 - 15.1.2015

Opening: Vendredi 28.11.2014 19:00- 23:00
B B B - 7 Rue d´Ecosse 1060 St.Gilles/Bruxellles - 0496210321

Mafalda Santos:
Organizational schemes, networks, interconnection and principles of scale and composition are determinant in Mafalda’s work. Expanded drawings on murals or ground works cull their information from computer interface, books and archives to create a simplified imagery that reflects “a moment/place in a mental or social structure of relations.” The artist also considers that they offer a comment on the specific context for which the work was produced.

Manuel Mesquita:
Working mainly in several music- and cinema related activities, he laboured in editing (sound & video),
some voice narration for documentaries, subtitling, translation and has made both video and sound installations in the context of Art exhibitions.