PRACTISING FEMINISM : Activism and Practice @ goldsmiths, London


23rd/ 24th January Activism and Practice

The second series of workshops and lectures, Practising Feminism, will happen this month. Practicing Feminism considers questions of feminist art practice; what the role of feminism is in contemporary art practice, how we relate to feminist genealogies, critiques, methods and theory as practising artists, writers and critics, how might we resituate knowledge as feminist, and how feminist practices and methodologies have and continue to influence contemporary art practices.
The 2nd day of the Practising Feminism series will look at practices in relation to feminism and activism and will consider how feminist strategies of protest are being deployed in contemporary political events including embodied protest. Some of the questions to be addressed include; Who are these practices speaking for and to?  What is their role within a wider context of activism?  Are they symbolic or actual agents of change?  What can we learn from a feminist critique of the relationship between art and politics?

Thursday 23rd Jan RHB 137A 6pm
Evening Lecture: Sara Ahmed 'Feminist Killjoys (And Other Willful Subjects)'  
Friday 24th Jan
2 workshop sessions and a screening by Cinenova.  Participants and details of the confirmed schedule for the day will be circulated next week. If you require any other info please contact Linda Stupart linda.stupart@gmail.com or Karen Henderson klhende@hotmail.com

Supported by Art Research Programmes, Department of Art, Goldsmiths and the Centre for Feminist Research