Corinna Till: Talk to the Body

45 Coronet Street, N1 6HD
27 September – 19 October 2013
Private view: Thursday 26 September 6-8.30pm

"Talk to the Body presents a new body of work from Corinna Till. Working for the first time with textiles, large fabric works will be hung and weighted from the ceiling. Cottons, polyester and leatherette are carefully stitched and braced, pitched up and painted upon. Till applies force to the material; creating and alleviating tensions within the fabric.  These methodically made structures provide the architecture for Till’s loose, light handling of paint.

Each work starts with an action. They are holding on and letting go, both literally carrying the shopping, dumping the rubbish, and in terms of how we position ourselves - stance, holding back, holding together, holding tight. In one double-sided work an older woman passes a baton to a younger woman. The relationship is not simple, beneath them lie piled the batons that have been dropped.

There are insistent reminders of our bodily selves, bodies whose requirements and vulnerabilities can be inconvenient, but can also be the source of pleasure. Till’s work is motivated by a desire to utilise switch points between what is in and out of our control – finding openings for manoeuvre, changing minds and shedding skins.

In previous work Till has used painted surfaces provoke sensations and conjectures about how surrounding structures have come to be the way they are. Here, she continues her experimental engagement with painting amongst other things, reminding us of its material status, as one more sticky accretion, that adheres, or soaks in, to fabric."