Music and Liberation: A Compilation of Music from the Women’s Liberation Movement: CD

The Women's Liberation Music Archive
Feminist music-making from the 1970/80s
'... an invaluable record of how in the early days of the Women's Liberation Movement the message was in the music as much as in the spoken and written word.' - Sheila Rowbotham

' ... And it's freaking cool.' - Bidisha

‘Music and Liberation: A Compilation of Music from the Women’s Liberation Movement’, the CD created for the ‘Music and Liberation’ exhibition is now available from the Women’s Liberation Music Archive for £10, which includes postage and packing

. Comprising twenty tracks by some of the feminist musicians from the 1970s and 80s - Abandon Your Tutu, Bad Habits, Bright Girls, Fabulous Dirt Sisters, Feminist Improvising Group, Frankie Armstrong, Friggin Little Bits, Ginger and Spice, Hi-Jinx, Jam Today, Mistakes, No Rules OK, Ova, Proper Little Madams, Sadista Sisters, Siren, Spoilsports, Stepney Sisters, York Street Band, plus an informative booklet - this is a unique opportunity to revisit or discover some of these sounds – or introduce friends and family to the music and activism of the era! All proceeds from the CD will be used for the upkeep of the Women’s Liberation Music Archive, a not-for-profit, voluntary and otherwise unfunded project. The Archive is dedicated to documenting, celebrating and preserving the history of the wealth and diversity of 1970s and 80s feminist music-making, while demonstrating its importance in the political and social context of that era. You can view the archive online at
and contact the Administrator, Frankie Green, at wlmmusicarchive@gmail.com.