Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela

Gradations of Time over a Plane
27 April 2012 - 29th April 2012
Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 April 12-6pm

Current Artists in Residence Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela present several chapters from their ongoing project Gradations of Time Over a Plane, focusing on the reflection and interpretation of different notions of time and duration.

The exhibition will include new work developed over the residency, in the form of a new chapter entitled Drifts and Derivations. During their time in London, Caló & Queimadela looked for locations and relational situations that might expand on, and integrate new propositions in to, their existing circle of chapters. This new chapter will be presented together with a previously composed sequence of video chapters. The soundtrack to this video sequence will be used as a common element, connecting both projections. The result of this confrontation can be seen not only as a complementary dialogue, in which the ideas of the first sequence are expanded in the new chapter, but also as a parallel discourse, in which the new work presents a modification of the original ideas.
155 Vauxhall Street
London SE11 5RH