CFP EDITED BOOK on Feminism FW: Invisible and Irrelevant CFP

EDITED BOOK CFP: Invisible and Irrelevant? Contemporary Feminism and its Discontents. We are completing an edited book that responds to what we see as a systematic erasure of feminist discourses and feminist analyses from popular and political culture in North America and Europe. By focusing on multiple sites, including media, politics, activism, economics, we seek essays that interrogate what the role of feminism is today. The overarching goal of the book is to understand, and make visible, the continuing anxieties surrounding women?s empowerment, and the processes that are used to quell these anxieties, as well as feminist responses, as activists and interventionists, in this erasure.

Please submit an abstract of your proposed essay to Kumi Silva (kumi@email.unc.edu) and Kaitlynn Mendes (kmendes@dmu.ac.uk) by February 30, 2012. Essays are expected to be 8000-8500 words, and are due by September 1, 2012.