Ana Mendes play 'Backspace' will be presented at the foyer of BAC next Thursday, 13rd of October, from 7 pm to 10.30 pm.

'Backspace' in an audio-play about anorexia in which audience members interact with a distorted mirror.

Do you like me?
I like you.
I would like to speak with you.
But you don't speak with mirrors, do you?
And do mirrors speak with you?
What do they say to you?
"A man with a wide face is not to be trusted, and women with big lips are lucky for life’"

This performance is part of the Freshly Scratched program launched by BAC. You can book a ticket for the 7 or 9 pm slot and see my work and other performances that will be played at the same time in different rooms.

Lavender Hill, Battersea
London, SW11 5TN