Nancy Murphy Spicer

Things I have seen this week:

Hanging Drawing Half-Drawn, 2008, rope, wood, nails, dim. var.

"A larger scale version of an earlier work, this piece explores the roles of artist and curator. I created the medium of the physical drawing line and the system of hanging the line on any series of 50 pins spread randomly across a 25' x 11' wall.

In my absence, the curator was left to install the work and, thereby, actually make the drawing. Through video conference, I was able to witness and comment on the work of the curator but, ultimately, it is her drawing which is shown in the exhibition.

For this exhibition, my work was chosen for inclusion but the actual drawing that is presented was created by the curator within a system which I set out. This work poses questions about the significance of mastery/technique in the creation of art and the roles of artist and curator in the making of an exhibition."
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