If I Can't Dance Tonight with Emma Hedditch

Sunday, the 29th of March, 16.00 hrs

When I Do This, Can You Feel Something?

Frascati, Nes 63, Amsterdam
Bookings: +31 (0)20-6266866, tickets: 5 Euro

If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution
is proud to announce When I Do This, Can You Feel Something?, a new performance by Emma Hedditch.

In When I Do This, Can You Feel Something? Emma Hedditch will look at the rituals and behaviors that the discipline of performance produces. Together with the audience, she will explore the social aspect or the togetherness performance incites. As she explains "I am interested in how the situation of performance throws up possibilities to explore with a group of people, in a given time and space, the limits and affects of this experience." Thinking about the parameters of performance, Emma Hedditch will touch on both the shared ground and differences between the notion of masquerade, (often used in the field of gender and queer theory) and that of mimicry (frequently related to notions of otherness and post colonial discourses).

"Mimicry repeats rather than re-presents, and in that very act of repetition, originality is lost, and centrality de-centred. Mimicry is at once resemblance and menace". - Homi Bhabha

Emma Hedditch (1972) is based in London and currently attending the Whitney Independent Study Program in New York. Recent exhibitions include We The Signs and The Signal in 'Working Documents' at La Virreina in Barcelona (2008) and We're Alive, Let's Meet! presented at 'Landmark', in the Kunsthalle Bergen (2006) and at 'Her Noise' in the South London Gallery in London (2005). Recent performances include From Vertical To Horizontal And Back Again in 'Make Out', Studio 44, Stockholm (2008), Coming To Have a Public Life, Is It Worth It? at 'Art Now Live', Tate Britain, London (2007) and Act Out in collaboration with Jimmy Robert and Emily Roysdon at Studio Voltaire, London (2007). In addition to her practice as a visual artist, Emma Hedditch is a member of Cinenova, a London based organisation initiated in 1991 and dedicated to the distribution of films and videos made by women.

Emma Hedditch' performance will be the first in a new series of If I Can't Dance Tonight events, dedicated to the exploration of current developments in performance and focusing on the notion of the masquerade.

So far, six Tonights have taken place, concentrating on the practices of Jon Mikel Euba, Suchan Kinoshita, Joachim Koester, Olivier Foulon, Sarah Pierce and Keren Cytter. These artists are commissioned by If I Can't Dance… to produce new, performance related projects that will develop and unfold in the course of the two year time span of Edition III - Masquerade as it is touring from Copenhagen (Overgaden, Aug. 2008) to Amsterdam (de Appel art centre, Sept. 2008), to Bilbao (Sala Rekalde, Dec. 2008), Dublin (Project arts centre, May 2009) and Eindhoven (Van Abbemuseum, March 2010). For the new If I Can't Dance Tonight series, we have invited the artists Emma Hedditch, Maria Pask, Jimmy Robert, Ivana Müller, Yael Davids and Fia Backström. In addition to their exploration of the themes of the masquerade, the gesture and the carnivalesque, these artists will present their approach to an expanded notion of performance.

From its inception in 2005, If I Can't Dance… has explored performative practices in visual art, both within the context of the white cube and the black box. The collaboration with Frascati Theatre in Amsterdam offers the exciting opportunity to learn from theatre, work with its parameters and conventions, and stimulate discourse between visual arts and theatre practitioners. Working with the conditions of the theatre space in Frascati, the programme of If I Can't Dance Tonight aims to contribute to this discourse by articulating specific approaches within visual arts towards the discipline of performance and other performative media, testing out mutual and conflicting strategies.

If I Can't Dance Tonight is curated by Frederique Bergholtz in collaboration with Maaike Gouwenberg.

If I Can't Dance Tonight is generously supported by the Mondriaan Foundation, SNS Reaalfonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

The Old Brand New is a lecture series revolving around the concept 'new' in the arts. The series is held from January to September 2009 on a monthly basis in the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam.

The series is an initiative of de Appel arts centre, If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, Research Group Art Practice and Development at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, LISA, Studium Generale of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, DAI / Master Programme / ArtEZ Institute of the Arts and Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.

Today the theme is New Virtuosity with Luc Tuymans and Boris Charmatz. Door opens at 19.45. Tickets are available at Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam or via www.ssba.nl. Single ticket € 8, passe partout 4 lectures € 28, passe partout 7 lectures € 42.

New Centre, 14 April 2009, with Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan, André Lepecki and Trinh T. Minh-ha.

New Idealism, 14 May 2009, with the Otolith Group: Kodwo Eshun, Anjalika Sagar and Marianne van Kerkhoven.

New Beauty, 22 June 2009, with Marina Warner and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster.

What is New?, 15 September 2009, with Dick Hebdige and Keith Sawyer.

Visit www.theoldbrandnew.nl for more information.

If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution
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