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Nina sent me this e-mail regarding our discussing within Switch Metaphores Affinity group for the European Feminist Forum... with great information on feminist art
ince 2006 there's a database for feminist art:
Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art
Feminist Art Base

"Our goal is to make this groundbreaking archive a comprehensive
resource for artists, curators, scholars, and the general public. We
see this database as an integral tool for accomplishing the mission of
the Center: to present feminism in an approachable and relevant
manner; to educate new generations about the meaning of feminist art;
and to raise awareness of feminism's cultural contributions."

another one is from elke zobel (an austrian that is very busy with zines):

and another database (that we can also use the next time to mention
your meeting in porto! - i've an account and i thus could do it for
you! one small contribution :) ): the "projects" are mainly in the usa
(once in a while london appears :) ) but we could expand it to europe

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