Club Society Meets Risky Business

Thursday 3 May 2007, 20.30 hrs in Off_Corso, Kruiskade 22, Rotterdam
(language: Dutch)

Beyond the clichés on women in art
It seems as though a new feminist springtime is underway: publicist Ariel Levy has written a fiery book against the bimbo culture, politician Mei Li Vos has begun a campaign against the Male Cartel and Heleen Mees is propagating power-feminism. And in their work at the exhibition Risky Business in TENT. (until may 20th), Kimberly Clark, Lydia Schouten, Cora Roorda van Eijsinga, and Monique van Heist make a dynamic plea for breaking with traditional sex stereotyping.
But hasn't visual art long been the discipline in which we left all preconceptions far behind? Should women still adopt a militant position in art, or is that completely unnecessary by now? Are clichés on the role of women already a thing of the past, or do they still exist? And if so, do they play a role in the contemporary (Rotterdam) art world?

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