call for entries

call for entries 4th edition
Bologna – Italy: 30th october – 5th november 2006

We are curious to find out what is out there and what artists are doing that is creating new ways of representing the world we live in.

Gender Bender is the international festival interested in all the new artistic productions related to:

* The new representations of the body
* The renegotiation of the notion of identity,
* The redefinition of gender roles and categories,
* The new perception of the roles and stereotypes of masculine and feminine.
* The imagery related to specific gender identities and sexual orientations, and their private and public relationship with contemporary art and culture business.

Gender Bender is looking for

* films e videos
* theatrical and dance productions
* performance
* visual arts exhibitions
* installations
* live concerts and performances by musicians and djs

The official participation form is to arrive by the 1st september 2006.
The works selected will be present at Gender Bender 2006.
The participation is cost free.

gender bender

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